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Adding Value to Your Service - Offer Hosting!

Posted on: 5/28/2008 10:04:45 AM under ASP » Resources 

If you are a professional web designer looking to expand your list of services, you may want to consider entering the world of web hosting. By registering for a Virtual Managed Server (VMS), you can add another line of income to your business!

This does take a bit of technical knowledge. And you may have to cover the costs of this service yourself for the first few months as you build your clientele. But in the long run, it can provide a lucrative sideline. Plus you can now:

  • Offer your clients design and hosting services "under one roof"
  • Make it easier on yourself since you don't have to "learn" how other servers work when clients sign up for different web hosting providers
  • Provide another value-added service that will keep your name in front of your clients
  • Almost guarantee that they will continue to use you for all their web work since you are hosting their site
  • Essentially create free web hosting for yourself and collect your own fees every month

Blue Genesis offers a complete VMS solution, and has more information about how VMS can work for you. Or check with your own web host provider!

The DMXReady Team


How Do I Place Affiliate Ads In Blog Manager?

Posted on: 5/26/2008 10:06:23 AM under DMXReady » Product Tips 
Dave Glynn from writes:

Hi Guys,

We've been using your apps for a while such as FAQ Manager and Gallery Manager. We are very interested in Blog Manager and wondered how easy it would be to place affiliate ads etc. say to the top and left of the blog page?

Best wishes


Absolutely Dave! As you have likely noticed from the other DMXReady applications you use, they are fully open source so you can change the HTML, VBScript, and any part of the design.

Blog Manager has several different components like the header, footer, navigation bar, main body content, etc. Each component has its own separate file (e.g. header.asp). So all you would have to do to place your affiliate ad is to go into the header file, make your changes to the code, save, and upload. Just hit Refresh on your browser to see the results!

If you have a question about DMXReady products or about ASP in general, post it in the comments here, or send us a Private Message and we will do our best to answer it!

The DMXReady Team


Microsoft Gives Ten (Compelling?) Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 2008

Posted on: 5/23/2008 9:51:54 AM under General » Servers 
Despite the URL, this seems to be a Microsoft-run website (or at least an "authorized" blog) but there does seem to be some compelling reasons why servers should migrate to Server 2008.

Give it a read and decide for yourself:

You can also read ComputerWorld's take on it here.

Have any of you out there had any experience with this server? Leave us a comment!

The DMXReady Team

Join Our Blogroll!

Posted on: 5/22/2008 9:26:16 AM under Blogroll » Join 

Do you have your own blog? Let us know!

Classic ASP Garage Blog is currently gathering website related blogs to add to our blogroll. If you have a blog on programming, general web design, web content writing, or anything that would be of interest to professional and do-it-yourself web professionals, send us a private message or contact us directly.

The DMXReady Team

Is It Time for a Website Upgrade?

Posted on: 5/21/2008 9:53:54 AM under DMXReady » Product Tips 
Website design and technology is always changing. But sadly, many websites are not. Even if the information on your website (or your client's website) doesn't change that much over the years, there are many good reasons to update or upgrade your website.

One good reason is to finally make that move to CMS. Not everyone is handy with Dreamweaver, and a Content Management System can really boost usability among all the non-IT people in the office.

And isn't usability what good web design in all about? We believe that's as true for the backend as it is for your visitors.

DMXReady published a whitepaper on CMS a couple of years ago. You can also read this article from the New York Report:

The DMXReady Team

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