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Classic ASP and PHP Closer Than You Think

Posted on: 3/19/2013 8:10:41 PM under Web Design » Resources 

Any quick web search for "ASP vs. PHP" will reveal something interesting: those who use PHP are quite vocal about Classic ASP being dead or obsolete. It's true, Microsoft hasn't upgraded it in a number of years. But Classic ASP is far from dead.

Most interesting is that during this whole debate, there are many Classic ASP programmers quietly plugging away at their own code, making amazing websites and apps despite the naysayers.

Here at DMXReady, we are of course biased - we've been supporting Classic ASP applications since 2003. But there is a reason for our bias. We believe that the strengths of Classic ASP outweigh any perceived weaknesses.

But when it comes down to it, why do programmers have to choose one language over another anyway? Classic ASP is a great language for beginners and do-it-yourselfers thanks to its ease of use and great resources online to help them through. There are many professional programmers today who say that Classic ASP is their favorite programming language and still use it. In many cases PHP isn't even an option for those running their websites on Microsoft (Windows) servers.

In short, you don't have to choose. If you're already a PHP programmer, picking up Classic ASP will be relatively breezy. To make it even easier, there are many resources available on the web, including this compendium of the most common functions in both asp/php languages. The page also includes a link to an ASP Translator that will do most of the work for you.

You can also get a good overview of Active Server Pages on Wikipedia. (You'll see a link to our white paper, "Classic ASP Myths Debunked" there too!)

It's all about the joy of coding, and what that code can do for you, right? With Classic ASP, you can do a lot.

See Classic ASP in all its glory! Demo the DMXReady CMS v3 Suite, built entirely using Classic ASP. Robust, easy-to-use, and a built-in database make it easy for programmers and do-it-yourselfers alike to get their mobile ready CMS website up in no time.

Happy website building!


The Team @ DMXReady


Is Your Website Mobile-Ready?

Posted on: 2/1/2013 3:51:05 PM under Web Design » Resources 
Did you know that 1 in 5 visits to your website happy on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device? Or rather, they're trying to visit your website. If your site isn't mobile-ready, you just might be losing a visitor - and worse yet, a sale.

One way to avoid this is to create a "single" website that looks and works beautifully on all devices & browsers using DMXReady CMS v3 Suite featuring Bootstrap. 

Visit and choose from hundreds of free and premium Bootstrap templates that are web-ready and mobile ready at the same time.

Top 5 Bootstrap Resources To Get Your Website Mobile-Ready

  • Twitter Bootstrap: Download the bootstrap framework which includes everything you need to make your existing website (or v1 DMXReady apps), mobile & tablet device friendly.
  • Bootstrap CMS Suite Website Template: DMXReady's "Turn Key" CMS website template built with bootstrap.
  • wrapbootstrap: Choose from hundreds of free and premium Bootstrap templates that are web-ready and mobile ready at the same time.
  • Design elements and code snippets for Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework.
  • - List of 267 Useful Twitter Bootstrap Resources.

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Build on Your Own Time

Posted on: 1/9/2013 10:41:35 AM under Web Design » Tips 

Build on Your Own Time & Space...

CMS Suite v3Since we launched DMXReady CMS v3, we're hearing that one of the great things about DMXReady CMS v3 Suite, is that you can build your new website on the same server as your current website - without ever having the two interfere. That means you can build on your own time, and you don't have to play around with sandboxes or secondary server/domains. When you're ready to go, just switch one file and your new site is live.

You can also build a second product-or service-specific website to complement your old one, all on the same Windows server, and all without a conflict. It's a web developer's dream...

Try the DMXReady CMS v3 Demo Now


Introducing... DMXReady CMS Suite v3 (feat. Twitter Bootstrap)

Posted on: 12/17/2012 1:02:32 PM under DMXReady » Product Tips 

We Just Made Simple, Simpler

Are you building your own website, and want to get it up faster and easier? Are you a developer looking for shortcuts to reduce your design time and make more money?

DMXReady CMS Suite v3 is a giant leap forward in CMS web design - the first truly cut-and-paste CMS system. So intuitive, so smooth, you'll have your website up and running in no time! Just cut (or copy) your content from Word, Photoshop, etc.; create a page and paste your content; then save and publish the page. Presto - you're live!

Click Here to See the Full Working Demo OR Buy Now!

How Simple is "Simple"?

CMS Suite v3 Website KitReally simple! Just upload DMXReady CMS Suite v3 to your Windows server, and start adding your content. Assuming you have developed all your content already, you can literally have your new website up and running in just a couple of hours!

  • Built-in database with your CMS

  • Manage your whole website from a simplified built-in Dashboard

  • Add new pages in a snap - your menu automatically updates

  • Turn on and off built-in apps as needed - no downloading or compatibility issues (see list of 5 built-in apps here)

  • "Brand" your site with logo, site name, and slogan on one centralize Admin page

  • Skin your site with Twitter Bootstrap themes with just one click, or add your own theme

  • Create dynamic members-only areas, FAQs page, Contact page, slideshow, even a full ecommerce PayPal store, all from built-in apps - included at no extra charge!

As always, DMXReady CMS Suite v3 is fully open source you can customize your CMS right down to the code level using Classic ASP (VBScript). In fact, DMXReady CMS Suite v3 is one of the few CMS available on the market today built exclusively in classic ASP to run on ANY Windows server.

See DMXReady CMS Suite v3 in action with this live site!

Try the DMXReady CMS v3 Demo Now, and Get 40% Off When You Buy!

Just our way of saying, Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from all of us at DMXReady


How do I hire a web professional if I need extra help with DMXReady apps?

Posted on: 7/4/2012 8:00:43 PM under DMXReady » Product Tips 

The beauty of DMXReady is that it gives you a huge step towards creating a unique website solution so that you don't have to build from scratch. However you may need to customize it to your needs, changing the design, the graphics, or even the code. We encourage you to do it yourself.

If you don't have the time or the desire to customize yourself, there are thousands of web designers who can help you. But how do you find the right one?

  1. Determine what you need- The better you can narrow down the project - adding a template, adding graphics, or building the whole thing for you, etc. - the better you'll know what kind of web professional you should hire. For example, a web designer can skin your website, but may not be able to make changes to your database.
  2. Contact several designers for quotes- You'll likely find a wide variety of quotes - and the lowest quote isn't necessarily the best one. Read their proposals carefully to be sure of (a) what is covered in the proposal and (b) they sound like they know what they're talking about. There's nothing worse than a designer who disappears after he gets in over his head (and takes your 50% retainer with him...
  3. Make sure they are comfortable working with Classic ASP and VBScript - Some web designers are comfortable working in any medium like HTML, ASP, etc., while others specialize.

Web Professional Qualifications You Should Look For

Here is a basic list of requirements for your reference. Note again that depending on what you need, not all of these skills are necessary for every project:

  1. Experience/familiarity coding in Classic ASP (VBscript)
  2. Have experience working with web databases (MS ACCESS, MySQL, MS SQL)
  3. Experience using shared hosting services (1and1, GoDaddy, Rackspace etc.)
  4. Experience working with CSS/Ajax/JQuery
  5. Familiarity with the Windows Server Environment (Windows 2003, IIS 7)
  6. Experience using Dreamweaver or another HTML editor (if they've never used an HTML editor, that should be a red flag...)
  7. Familarity with design resources like, etc.

More Resources

How to hire Professional help

Where to hire professional help

There are hundreds of 1000's of freelance programmers, web designers, coders, webmasters, graphic designers, content managers, copywriters, seo specialist etc. willing and able to help you customize your DMXReady app to your exact specifications. Here are a few websites offering a quick and easy way to hire a professional help :
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