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Spring Specials for Everyone!

Posted on: 5/24/2012 12:31:30 PM under DMXReady » Product Tips 

Wondering if it's time to makeover your website? You're not the only one - a website makeover is on a lot of people's minds right now.

Well, it's been on our minds too. That's why we've come up with 3 great deals to help you make over your own (or your clients') website, or we can help you catch up on that new website you've been meaning to build.

Whether you're a website owner, do-it-yourselfer or a web professional, you're bound to find a promotion from the list below that will get you moving in the right direction.

1). The "Do It For Me" Website Makeover Sale - Get 5 Hours of Pro Services Free with your purchase of CMS Suite. We will provide five free shop hours to set up your new CMS website and re-skin with a design of your choice.

2). Refurbish Your DMXReady Apps - Add new features, new functionality or customize the look & feel. We'll provide the shop hours you need to transform your existing DMXReady apps & website.

3). New Gold Membership Program - Become a Gold Member and get everything you need to start building CMS websites.

Get the full skinny in the latest DMXReady Spring 2012 Bulletin.


The Team @ DMXReady


The Simple Way to Add A Survey to DMXReady CMS Suite Without ASP or PHP Coding

Posted on: 3/29/2012 11:22:31 AM under Web Design » Tips 

Polls are a great way to get the pulse of your customers, find out what they like and don't like, and collect other information to help make your website - and your business - more valuable to them.

But polls can be difficult to create. Besides the challenges of writing the questions and possible answers (there is a knack to it), there is the whole business of coding the poll itself or finding a third-party app.

We've found a quick and dirty way to create a simple poll with no coding required using Google Docs.

Google Docs, as you likely know, is like an online and free "Office" environment with a word processor, spreadsheet application, Power Point-like presentation builder, and other web-based applications. One of those other applications is a form builder which allows you to enter a list of questions and a number of different ways for your respondents to answer like text, multiple choice, or choose from a list.

Once you've finished the poll, you can publish and either post the link or embed the whole poll directly into your website using iframe (see below). It will even automatically update your own back-end spreadsheet as the submissions start rolling in. You can save this data as an Excel file, CSV, or one of several other file formats. From there, you can manually import to your database, if need be.

As easy as it is, there are some rather severe limitations to this method. You can't change the design beyond flipping between a number of templates - in other words you can't match the look and feel of your own website. If you're planning to use the information in a database, manually importing the data from your poll can get messy too. Then there's the issue of using iframe to embed the poll into your website if you don't want to send your website visitors away from your website to fill in your form. We don't mind using iframes from time to time, but there are some out there who do, and might not want to take this approach.

If these are issues for you, another great option is DMXReady's own Polling Booth Manager. This plug-in application doesn't have these shortcomings: you can change everything down to the code level so that the design matches the look and feel of your own website (in fact, with DMXReady CMS Suite, you can simply plug it right in with a little bit of coding. All the data is stored automatically into your database, and the iframe issue becomes a non-issue too.

But if you're looking for a fast and easy way to get a poll up and running, and these issues aren't deal breakers for you, try the forms for yourself and find out how they work for you.

Happy Polling!

The DMXReady Team


Integrating Facebook Platform to DMXReady CMS Suite Using ASP

Posted on: 1/27/2012 11:03:38 AM under DMXReady » Product Tips 
Integrating Facebook with DMXReady CMS SuiteIntegrating with Facebook into your website - specifically Facebook Platform - is full of advantages. For one, it allows your visitors to log into restricted areas of your website using only their Facebook account - if they are logged in at Facebook, they are logged in on your website, making it easier for them to access your content while you maintain control.

Facebook is also full of user information and personalization tools so you can create a better, more individualized experience for your users (

Larry Boeldt at The Code Project has published his own ASP solution This tutorial teaches ASP programmers (do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike - all the scripts are cut and paste) how to integrate Facebook features like Authentication, Social Plugins, and more into their websites. Of course, that includes websites built with DMXReady CMS and CMS Suite.

It also is interesting in the fact that despite all the naysayers out there, ASP is actually here to stay. As of this writing, Larry`s post had over 130,000 page views and the script was downloaded over 1,500 times! (In other words, reports of ASP`s death have been greatly exaggerated.)

Facebook Authentication vs. Members Only Manager

Of course, DMXReady CMS Suite comes with its own authentication software, namely Members Only Manager. So why would you use the Facebook solution over this one? It`s very possible that you do not. Connecting via Facebook allows you to access personalized information from your visitors (if they allow it) to provide them with a better social experience. But you are also providing Facebook an indirect way to track your website. Since Facebook follows its users to your site and registers each authentication, it can do things like estimate the number of users your website has based on the number of Facebook members who visit your site.

So if you do not want to install what is essentially a Facebook tracking cookie on your website, then Members Only Manager is your best bet. For many users though, sharing website user information with Facebook is a small price to pay for a slick interface and integration with Facebook Platform and all its features.

Check out Larry`s post here, and adapt to DMXReady CMS Suite as necessary:


Got Windows? Here's an ASP CMS Solution for You

Posted on: 1/18/2012 1:52:27 PM under DMXReady » Product Tips 
ASP CMS on a Windows Server

Since Bill Gates wrote his first line of code, the goal of improving software has been simple: make it faster, easier, and better for people to do what they want to do with their computers.

Flash forward 35-odd years, and it almost seems like the software developers of the world are out to do the complete opposite. For example, in this day and age, you shouldn't need to be a computer science major to build a basic website - or install a Content Management System for that matter!

One major source of frustration for companies on Windows servers who want to move to a Content Management System (CMS) is the fact that most are PHP-based. Joomla, Drupal, and others run on Linux servers, not Windows servers.

DMXReady CMS Suite on the other hand is an ASP CMS, so it runs natively on your Windows server including Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, guaranteed. (If you don't have your own server, you can also run DMXReady CMS Suite on popular web hosting services like GoDaddy, 1and1 Hosting, Rackspace, Hostgator, etc.)

Not only that, DMXReady CMS Suite has a whole host of plug-in applications like Members Only Manager and Contact Us Manager pre-loaded. You simply turn them on and off on the pages you want - no more fumbling with applications that don't quite work together!

Best of all, DMXReady CMS Suite is easy to use. It comes with several design options built in or you can easily skin it as well, using any third-party design template. It also comes with pre-formatted business website templates. That means you don't have to create pages or worry about mapping out your site from scratch - just fill each pre-built page with your own content and images, and click -Save-!

And like any CMS, updating and adding new content is a snap using any standard web browser. You also have the flexibility of modifying it right down to the code level - this ASP CMS has 100% customizable source code.

In short, you get everything anyone would need to run a modern and professional business automation CMS website.

ASP vs. PHP What is Better?

You'll hear many programmers around the Internet going on about how PHP is better than ASP. Usually their arguments run along the lines that because so many more people are using PHP, it is by default better.

This is simply not true. There are several reasons why you would choose ASP over PHP. Many programmers prefer ASP because it is easier to code (and is much less complex than .Net) - in fact if you are a beginner yourself, ASP is often the best choice because you can learn faster. It's a great choice for website owners who either want to learn how to code themselves, or who want to - set it and forget it - when it comes to building and launching a website.

But as mentioned above, if you're already on a Windows server, ASP is your best bet in web software. And when it comes to ASP CMS, nobody does it better than DMXReady.

Try the online demo right now and see how easy it is to use DMXReady CMS Suite!


Using DMXReady CMS Suite as Your Landing Page Manager

Posted on: 1/3/2012 9:39:33 AM under DMXReady » Product Tips 
DMXReady CMS Suite as Landing Page ManagerLanding pages are great things, though they can get a little unwieldy – especially if you already have a big website. It gets even more complicated when you have landing pages for multiple ad campaigns like QR Codes, Google AdWords, banner links, and more. With split testing, different offers for different markets, different price codes, etc., that can easily add up to thousands of pages. If you’re editing straight HTML pages with Dreamweaver and uploading them to the server, managing all those pages can quickly become a logistical nightmare.

But not with DMXReady CMS Suite. First of all, you don’t have to use Dreamweaver at all – everything including the code can be modified in your own Admin pages using any standard web browser. (That being said, you may prefer to do the initial design template using Dreamweaver or some other HTML editor. But the point is, you don’t have to fire it up every time you create a new page.)

Most importantly though, with DMXReady CMS Suite your pages are neatly listed and labeled in one spot so you can easily manage your pages. Editing, adding new pages, deleting old ones, or disabling suspended pages/campaigns becomes much, much easier!

Also, with the built-in Site Builder, you can break down and organize your campaigns any way you want. You can also modify different templates to use with different campaigns or even product types. The possibilities are endless – you can create different variations for each catalog/category/type/product/campaign/etc., all with unique menu navigation, content, and css skin.

For example, if you find that your purple widgets are selling better with the contact information along the side, and the red widgets are selling better with the contact information at the bottom, no problem – you can use a different page layout/template for each. Again, this makes it much easier to manage your landing pages, customizing each page to suit its own individual strengths.

Even though (or perhaps because) it is meant to be a full website CMS, you couldn’t design a better landing page management application. You have full customization control over every aspect of your landing pages, no matter how complex or different each individual landing page is.

Best of all, you can use DMXReady CMS Suite on your current domain* and it won’t interfere with your main website. The Suite will run in the background, making your landing pages easier to manage without affecting your website in any way.

In short, DMXReady CMS Suite gives you:

  • Ease of use – all pages are listed right in front of you
  • Flexibility – create as many different templates as you need for your landing pages
  • Greater organization – break down each campaign by project, department, type, product etc. by creating your own organizational system
  • Built-in Admin pages – do it all online using any standard web browser – no more firing up Dreamweaver or messing with FTP programs!
  • A full CMS landing page management solution that runs on your domain, but doesn’t interfere with your current website

Read more about DMXReady CMS Suite here, and check out the free online demo:

Want to Keep It Separate? You Can…

Some people are worried that if you host your landing pages on your current web domain, there is always the chance that your visitors will stumble upon them accidentally. Perhaps an even larger worry for these people is that Google could find duplicate content on your landing pages and might penalize your page ranking for it.

You can address these concerns by moving your landing pages to a separate domain – and still use DMXReady CMS Suite.

Say for example your current website is and you have a landing page campaign to generate traffic to your pages advertising a newer, better, purple widget. You can set up a separate website called and install DMXReady CMS Suite as your landing page manager. Here you can create as many pages as you want – with as much duplicate content as you want – and never get penalized. In fact, you could no-index the whole website, and not lose any link juice or page ranking on your main site.

Then no matter how you direct your website visitors to those pages, you can rest assured they are getting the targeted content you designed just for them without Google – or stray visitors – stumbling upon it accidentally.

This is also a great solution for those with hosting packages that do not support Windows/ASP.

*DMXReady CMS Suite requires a Windows or cloud server that will support ASP.

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