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DMXReady CMS Suite Launched!

Posted on: 12/20/2011 12:05:15 PM under DMXReady » Product Tips 

CMS Templates for Business and Non-Profit

DMXReady CMS SuiteMore and more business owners are looking for a website solution that they can build themselves, allowing them full control and avoiding huge web designer bills.
With DMXReady CMS Suite (v2), business owners win on both counts.

DMXReady CMS Suite offers a brand new approach to website building: CMS templates. We’re not just talking traditional HTML design templates here, but turnkey CMS website solutions complete with:
  • dynamically controlled navigation menu, site map and pages
  • content management tools for super fast content editing using ANY web-enabled device including laptops, iPad/android tablets, smart phones, etc.
  • built-in business automation, ecommerce, CRM, and SEO apps – all ready to go
No programming required – web owners can simply upload the software to their existing domain and start adding their own content using any standard web browser. Plus DMXReady provides full documentation as well as other resources like an Online Knowledgebase and links to other trusted information. With all the tutorials and support available, do-it-yourself website design has never been easier.

This is a system that brings everything you need for your business into one integrated website solution.

DMXReady CMS Suite comes with 10 pre-built website templates for a variety of businesses and organizations including Software Vendor, Design Company, Charity, and more. All you have to do is choose the template that most closely matches your business, add your own content, and you’re ready to go.

Why Now is a Good Time to Upgrade Your Website to DMXReady CMS Suite

There are many, many different scenarios in which DMXReady CMS Suite can help businesses, non-profits, and individuals get the most from their website.

For example, imagine you own a consultation business. Currently, you might have a typical brochure-type website that gives basic information to the customer, but still relies on you to do most of the work.

But with DMXReady CMS Suite, you can take the CMS template and create a dynamic online experience for your customers, plus cut down on the amount of work you have to do. Your website becomes like your personal assistant!

Automate contacts – Send auto replies, direct emails to different departments/people, and mass email everyone on your customer list about early bird specials, new products/services, or perhaps a monthly newsletter.

Centralize your info – Provide information about the company as well as hard-to-find information for your customers, relevant news, video tutorials, and more.

Use third-party apps to extend functionality – For example, if you do all your bookings using Google Calendar, you can display it on your website with one line of code you cut and paste – great for marking important dates relevant to your business, like launch dates or upcoming information sessions. You can also add other social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and others to your CMS website instantly.

Accept money/payments through the website – Instead of handling thousands of dollars of cash, you can automate service contract payments, charge for work and materials, and create other payment systems by connecting directly to your PayPal Merchant account.
Using one of the built-in CMS templates, you can also:

  • Publish photographs and videos as a portfolio or for tutorials
  • Write a blog about your area of consultation
  • Password-protect some or all of your website for subscription-based and/or “customer-only” content
  • Create a staff directory

Demo DMXReady CMS Suite For Yourself!

Take it for a test drive at:


Google Supports Classic ASP reCAPTCHAs

Posted on: 7/5/2011 10:20:29 AM under ASP » Scripts and Tips 
In case you didn’t hear, Google bought reCAPTCHA in 2009. This a good fit for one of their current projects (i.e. digitizing the world’s books) but it also aligns with their views on preventing spam and fraud. You can read all about the purchase at the Google blog here:

A big plus for Classic ASP programmers is that Google is going out of its way to support us. In its documents, it has provided the code needed to use reCAPTCHA on your own website. How often in this day and age to you see big companies like Google rolling out the red carpet for Classic ASP developers? (Yet another sign that the news of Classic ASP's death have been greatly exaggerated...)

As before, you still have to sign up for reCAPTCHA to get their API keys (and then enter them in the code), just like you would Google Analytics. But once you do, you can use reCAPTCHAs on all your websites to cut down on any spambot activities plaguing your site.

Happy Anti-Spamming!

The DMXReady Team


Rewrite URLs Into Pretty Links Using the URL Rewrite Module

Posted on: 6/17/2011 11:58:01 AM under ASP » Scripts and Tips 

Rewrite Pretty Links

Ever wonder how WordPress is able to generate friendly URLs in HTML? Ever wish you could pull that off yourself for your own Classic ASP website?

Rewriting your dynamic URLs does have certain advantages. The most obvious is that it makes it easier for your website visitors to understand what page they’re on. For example, "” makes more sense to the average person than "”.

However, it is important to note that it doesn’t much matter to Google – its Googlebots will be able to find and index your pages whether they are dynamic or static (although Google does recommend keeping links short and parameters few to avoid Googlebot confusion…) There is some debate as to whether rewriting links will boost your SEO. Generally, most SEO experts recommend rewriting those URLs if for no other reason than to add your keyword and keyword phrases into your links.

The question then becomes, how do you rewrite URLs using Classic ASP?

We’ve come across one way to do it that works quite well – so well in fact, we used the general method for rewriting URLs in our own DMXReady CMS. Note that this method requires you to have IIS 7 and the URL Rewrite Module Go Live release installed. This tutorial is written for ASP.Net, but it is equally effective for Classic ASP.

Here’s another method that does the same thing by modifying the web.config file. Example #3 details how you can mimic WordPress’ Pretty Permalinks, but there are other methods described here too.

Happy URL Rewriting!

The DMXReady Team


A Security Tip for MS SQL Databases

Posted on: 3/21/2011 10:52:53 AM under ASP » Database 
No matter what size your website, security is always an issue. Although there is little you can do against a full-on attack -- even top banks and even national defense computers are cracked from time to time -- there is plenty you can do to stop the casual attacker.

Here's an interesting article from Alex Hollyman that helps you do just that:


Evernote - The Web Designer's Versatile Note Taker

Posted on: 2/16/2011 9:37:02 AM under Web Design » Cool Tools 

Have you tried Evernote yet?

Evernote is gaining popularity as a universal note-taking application – “multi-platform” is how the company describes it. You can do screen captures, save images, voice record a note, write down notes, bookmark web pages – essentially any information you want to capture, you can do it with Evernote.

The multi-platform descriptor is quite apt, because you can literally sync all your notes and access them from any device: your Mac or PC, your BlackBerry, your iPhone/iPod Touch, your netbook, your iPad… so no matter where your working or what device you have handy, you can store an Evernote.

This could be an extremely useful tool for web designers. You can use it to bookmark web designs you like, web tools and applications that are interesting, jotting down notes, or organizing photos and images. If you’re on the road in a client meeting, you can write down your meeting notes and forward it to yourself. One example Evernote gives is taking a picture of a whiteboard you’ve been working on, and saving that as a note!

If you work in a company or with other designers, you can sync your notes together for a nominal charge ($5 per month each, or $45 each per year) so you can all be on the same page – literally.

We’ve found it to be pretty useful. But check it out for yourself at:

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