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Since DMXReady entered the plugin market in 2003, it has had one goal in mind: to make content management easier. Back then, designers and developers all coded from scratch, and DMXReady provided them with a whole library of applications to save them hundreds of hours of coding.

What worked back then still works today, and thousands of websites - perhaps millions - still use the Classic ASP platform. We've made sure we're always here for those designers and developers, providing many of today's cutting-edge web technology like responsive design and CMS management in Classic ASP format.


Classic ASP at the Heart of the DMXReady Experience

Right from the beginning, DMXReady has built applications using Classic ASP. The reason is simple: it is easy for anyone to customize and with its built-in MS Access database, you don't have to mess around with creating a separate database on your server. It provides the most comprehensive "all in" solution for most small and medium business needs.

But that's just us. No matter why you choose Classic ASP a matter of choice, locked into a Windows server, or some other reason, DMXReady is here to help you make upgrading your websites easier and more enjoyable.

DMXReady - Our History

DMXReady launched in 2003 with a line of pre-built, database-driven web applications made primarily for web professionals. Unlike most applications, DMXReady products were (and still are) open source and fully customizable, right down to code level. That meant that anyone could take our applications and easily integrate them into their own websites or use them as stand-alone applications.

Today, DMXReady continues to build ASP applications using the latest web technology like AJAX and Bootstrap to make content management easy for anyone to manage web content.

DMXReady is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and serves customers on six continents around the world. For more information about our products and services, please contact us.

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The New DMXReady - Prefab Websites - Coming June 2022

Times and technology have changed, but our core mission remains the same: to help you, the web professional or do-it-yourself website owner, manage your website content faster, easier, and better.

Coming Soon - DMXReady will offer Prefab Websites to help make building eCommerce sites easier. Our Prefab websites will combine the power of WordPress and Woocommerce with the ease of use of a website builder like Shopify. With DMXReady Prefab Websites, you get all the flexibility you need for your online store with a lot less hassle. Learn more about WordPress and DMXReady Prefab websites.