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Practical Guide to Classic ASP

Posted on: 1/7/2011 4:02:43 PM under ASP » Resources 

Recently came across this little guide to Classic ASP:

It’s actually a great resource for the beginner, detailing how Classic ASP all works. In fact, it may be too detailed for the average user. But it is so well laid out that you can easily skip the “technical” parts (like setting up the virtual directories if you’re working directly on a server) and get to the programming.

A well-thought out tutorial that’s easy to understand and contains lots of great examples.

The DMXReady Team


New eBook Released: Classic ASP Myths Debunked

Posted on: 5/11/2010 10:50:51 AM under ASP » Resources 

Classic ASP Myths DebunkedLast week DMXReady launched a new ebook – Classic ASP Myths Debunked: The Renaissance of Classic ASP. In it, we’ve identified five myths about Classic ASP, and what the truth behind the myth actually is.

Find out more in our official press release, which you can read on the PRWeb:

The DMXReady Team


Have a Question? Try the Classic ASP Forum

Posted on: 3/25/2010 11:12:32 AM under ASP » Resources 

Classic ASP ForumForums might be one of the greatest things the Internet ever gave us. Yes, the web is about being the “Information Highway” – but bits of information moving about in cyberspace is, in itself, useless. That information has to have meaning to someone else. It has to connect with someone who needs that information and who can act on it in order for it to have any purpose.

Forums are about connecting people and giving purpose to its information in the purest form. You can put your question out there and let people you would never meet otherwise give you the right answers. It’s like that computer on Star Trek we’ve all dreamed about that spits out the answer you want – except that the answer isn’t coming from one computer but potentially millions of people around the world.

If you have a Classic ASP question, the place you want to go is the Classic ASP forum hosted at This group of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server software engineers seems to be really passionate about their work, and provide support on any number of topics. It’s a great place to start if you have a problem you can’t finish.

Check it out for yourself:

The DMXReady Team


Forum Answers Your Classic ASP Questions

Posted on: 4/2/2009 11:15:52 AM under ASP » Resources 

Have a specific Classic ASP question or problem? The Internet Information Services (IIS) website has a forum for Classic ASP programmers to post their questions and get feedback from the community. You can also search the forum to see if someone else has already had your problem -- and to find out the answers.

Check out this great resource at:

Until next time,

The DMXReady Team


What Do You Know About ASP?

Posted on: 11/19/2008 9:51:35 AM under ASP » Resources 
The fine people at W3C Schools has put together a quiz to test your knowledge about ASP. Although it is a "just for fun" quiz, it can help you identify what you don't know about ASP. And W3C Schools is definitely a good place to find those answers.

Check it out here:

The DMXReady Team
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