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A Security Tip for MS SQL Databases

Posted on: 3/21/2011 10:52:53 AM under ASP » Database 
No matter what size your website, security is always an issue. Although there is little you can do against a full-on attack -- even top banks and even national defense computers are cracked from time to time -- there is plenty you can do to stop the casual attacker.

Here's an interesting article from Alex Hollyman that helps you do just that:


Is It Time To Move to SQL?

Posted on: 7/2/2008 11:27:32 AM under ASP » Database 
DMXReady uses MSAccess as its database for one reason: ease of use. New developers and even do-it-yourselfers can create robust, database-driven functionality without taking four years of college courses.

But ease of use has a price. One major limitation is scalability. If you online business is growing and you are getting a steady rise in hits on your website, you may start running into database overload problems. This is a sure sign that it is time to upgrade your database.

There are two caveats here though:

One: Some people, especially companies that want to do the conversion for you, may tell you that you should never use Access databases. This is simply not true. If your website is a brochure-type website or even doing light e-commerce, using Access is fine. And, as mentioned above, it is easier for you to customize.

Two: Moving from Access does not mean you have to move from ASP. Some programmers may tell you that you should change to PHP. Again, not necessary. Sure, they will make more money from you recreating your whole website, but ASP is just as powerful and functional as any PHP site once you have upgraded database structures.

If you decide that an upgrade is in order, you can probably do this yourself as well. Microsoft has an excellent overview of this, which you can find here.

Happy Scripting!

The DMXReady Team
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