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Hybrid Cloud Servers - Classic ASP and PHP Together?

Posted on: 4/30/2010 12:46:36 PM under Servers

Terms like "hybrid cloud servers" are coming on gangbusters. Cloud computing and cloud servers, although not entirely new, are promising to be the next big thing in terms of the way the Internet works.

Problem is, not many people outside the IT world know quite what they mean. It gets even more complicated when you consider that hybrid cloud servers can actually mean (at least) two different things.

Right now, the most common reference you'll read describes a "hybrid" of two services - cloud hosting and managed dedicated servers. For larger companies, this provides a scalable solution to their web server needs, allowing them to use - and pay for - server space and resources only when they need them.

Hybrid cloud computing is a fancy name for the practice of hosting parts of your service in multiple locations, says Michael Papish, MediaUnbound's CEO. MediaUnbound hosts critical components and data for its recommendation service in a private data center we control. That private cloud is used to host sensitive data and most production-level services. (Read the whole article here:

However hybrid cloud servers or hybrid cloud hosting can also mean combining Windows and Linux servers. The advantage, especially when it comes to running DMXReady applications, is obvious: you can effectively create a website that uses both PHP and Classic ASP elements.

That has some pretty cool implications. Say your client has a PHP-based website, but you want to add DMXReady Contact Us Manager. Using old systems, this would be impossible. But it's no problem if your site is on a hybrid cloud server.

Right now there are several hybrid cloud hosting companies out there, and the number is growing all the time. Here at DMXReady, we see a time when hybrid cloud servers will simply be what's offered. And why not? It's easier for the customer, provides greater flexibility, and will ultimately be easier for server companies to manage.

Check out one provider we've worked with: RackSpace.

The DMXReady Team