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Catch The Wave

Posted on: 12/16/2009 11:42:04 AM under Browsers

The way we communicate via the Internet is constantly changing. Email was the only two-way method in the beginning, but then there came guestbooks and bulletin boards, instant messaging, and now Twitter.

Google has added yet another method: Google Wave. Google bills this as “equal parts document and conversation.” What that means is that you can carry on conversations AND attach documents like Word docs, images, maps and more to the Wave. And although the conversation may be linear to a degree, you are actually creating a type of work space for each conversation that you can move through non-linearly.

For example, suppose you are working on a project with one or more people. In a real-world workspace, you would have a table in a meeting room with all your materials laid out: research, photos, data, etc. You could choose to look at any of these items at any time, and talk with other project members about them.

Google Wave lets you do that, but in the cyber-space. All your materials are electronic and attached to the Wave, just as if they were on a table. Conversations are real-time, more like instant messaging than email. Best of all, your conversations are recorded, so you can move through and view past comments easily.

Sounds like a very useful tool, and will definitely have its applications. But we’re not sure that this will be an email killer or Twitter killer quite yet. More likely – at least in its current form – Google Wave will turn into a project-based tool like BaseCamp and other multi-person platform. (Though it would be nice if it could capture tweets and emails into each Wave…)

As with many Google products at launch, roll out is by invitation only. To sign up for your invitation, go to:

The DMXReady Team