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Build Web-Based Apps For Android

Posted on: 10/13/2014 3:43:32 PM under DMXReady

3 Steps to Building Your Own Android App with DMXReady

Did you know that you can easily turn web-based apps into native Android apps? Web-based apps have many advantages over native apps, not least of which are time, cost, and cross-platform compatibility. Of course, you still have to program your web app – but thanks to DMXReady, you don’t have to code from scratch!

DMXReady helps you code it faster. We’ve developed a line of ASP applications that are built with Bootstrap so they’re fully responsive, customizable, and ready to go right out of the box. Called MobileReady, this line of apps are lightweight in the coding department but heavy in the functionality, doing one thing and doing it well.

To create your own apps quickly and easily:

  1. Choose from our list of MobileReady apps
  2. Customize as needed just like you would any other DMXReady application, and upload to your Windows server (for example, you can turn MobileReady Contest Manager into ANY type of landing page app you need by modifying the open source code)
  3. Convert it to a native Android app

You can also convert it to iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and any other web-enabled device. Find out more about MobileReady, and start creating your own web-based apps!


The Team @ DMXReady