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Get a FREE hour of pro services

Posted on: 5/12/2014 1:28:19 PM under DMXReady

Why Using DMXReady Pro Services Makes Sense Sometimes...

Stop banging your head on your monitor!

Okay, you're a DIYer for a reason. You like building your own website. DMXReady gets that - in fact, we built our business on supplying designers and DIYers with the software and tools they need to build better websites.

But sometimes it makes sense to get a little bit of programming help. For example, if you are customizing an application and you get stuck, it's nice to know that DMXReady is there to help do the custom code for you. If you're a designer, maybe your client has requested some changes that are beyond your comfort level. Why waste a day sorting through code when we can fix it in an hour?

Best of all, your website is in the hands of the people who designed your apps: the professionals at DMXReady. DMXReady offers a number of "Pro Packs" -- essentially reasonably priced shop-hour packages that you purchase up front so you know exactly how much you're spending.

This month only, get a FREE hour when you purchase a Pro Pack 2.

Not sure where to begin? No problem! Simply send us a link to your website with a short description of what you'd like to do, and we'll get back to you with a personalized recommendation along with projected shop hours OR pick from our list of suggestions on how you can refurbish your DMXReady apps and website.

It's just that easy!

Check out what some of our customers have to say about DMXReady Pro Services:

  • "We were very pleased with DMXReady's Professional Services. The team was prompt and friendly and we would definitely use them again to customize any of the DMXReady applications we use!" -- Colleen C. Tully
  • "I am very happy with the professional services. The app and customization have been exactly what I was looking for." -- Josh Longiaru
  • "We LOVE your products... and your services have been above and beyond what we could ever ask for." -- David Arnett
  • "DMXReady's services and products in our opinion are second to none. There are many companies out on the web that promise but don't deliver. Well, I am happy to say that DMXReady DOES deliver what they promise and more." -- David Weber
  • "The quality and standard of support and advice that you give to your clients is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending DMXReady or using any of your products." -- Hoagyweb Designs

Limited Time Offer -- For the month of May only get 1 FREE shop hour from our Professional Services crew when you purchase a Pro Pack 2. That means you get 3 hours for the price of 2 to have the pros from DMXReady work on your web project. Offer Extended to Midnight, Monday, June 30th (Eastern Time Zone).

To get started:

  1. Contact us with your project details
  2. We will confirm your requirements, and place your project in queue

If you're trying to get a project done but just can't seem to find the time, May is the month to do it -- with a little help from DMXReady


The Team @ DMXReady