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New MobileReady Contest Manager

Posted on: 8/13/2014 3:43:32 PM under DMXReady


Contests are a great way to build customer leads, reward current customers, and keep your business or organization top of mind. The easiest are online-based contests that give them everything they need: information about what they can win, contest rules, and of course a way to enter the contest. (Here's a great Mashable article about using contests as a marketing tool.)

Contest Manager

But most online contest software packages are SaaS requiring a subscription to a monthly service. Worse, they normally have extremely limited design and setup options. Wouldn't you love to have the power to control the look and feel of your contests AND still get all the customer leads and interaction you need?

MobileReady Contest Manager by DMXReady (see demo) makes it easier to connect with your customer base. Built with Bootstrap, it's responsive on any size screen and can easily be skinned using free or premium templates you can install quickly. Match the look and feel of your current website, or make it stand out with something completely new.

With MobileReady Contest Manager by DMXReady, you get:

More control -- whether you are setting up a contest for your own use or for a client, you can change everything from the design template to the database and code -- just like any other DMXReady application. MobileReady products are also easy to run right out of the box as a standalone application.

More cash -- You can become the "contest manager" for your own clients who want a solution but don't want to do the work. Turn your $95 piece of software into thousands of dollars of billable time running client contests for a whole new revenue stream. You can also brand the software with your own logo and sell to clients, or use it for your own business.

More options -- Ever think of designing your own Android or iPhone app? You can, with MobileReady Contest Manager by DMXReady. We'll direct you to several online tutorials to help you turn your web-based app into an Android or iPhone app for contest management software that is truly in the palm of your hand. Read more here.

Business Case for Contests

Many new businesses or even established businesses launching a new product or service love using contests because they help generate a buzz and get customer leads (emails) that they can then contact with updates and sales information. Giving away a free product or service encourages potential customers to learn more about what you're offering, which in turn leads to sales.

Contests are a great way to get your customers excited, collect customer leads, and get you noticed. Learn more here.

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