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Viva La Mobile Revolution!

Posted on: 7/10/2014 3:43:32 PM under DMXReady

There's no denying it -- the Mobile Revolution is upon us! Apps these days are geared towards the multi-screen experience, so that your information looks good on any Internet-enabled device from a handheld smartphone to 65 -- SmartTV.

MobileReady Web Apps

Today, we're announcing the launch of a new brand of mobile apps. Introducing MobileReady by DMXReady -- the power of web-based apps in the palm of your hand!

Building native apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry can be costly. But MobileReady allows you to create web-based apps that will work on any platform -- including PC and Mac as well -- with ZERO modifications. Now, web designers and developers can create slick apps at a fraction of the cost. And with MobileReady app templates from DMXReady, it's even easier.

Read more about MobileReady.

To launch MobileReady, we've put together a brand new application: Contest Manager.

Lead Generation in the Palm of Your Hand

Contest Manager

Contests are a great way to generate new leads for your product or service. MobileReady Contest Manager makes it so much easier, taking care of every aspect of your contest including:

  • Displaying the contest details on your website or landing page

  • Automatically collecting email addresses

  • Choosing and contacting the winner

Like all MobileReady web-based apps, Contest Manager gives the power back to the business owner and project manager, allowing you to create and run your own contests, and collect your own email list of leads. No need for third-party registration or other marketing professionals -- you can do it all yourself, right from your PC, smartphone, or any other Internet device.

MobileReady Contest Manager puts the power of lead generation in the palm of your hand. Click here to see the online demo.

Limited Time Offer - Get Contest Manager for the special introductory price of $95 -- Download Today


The Team @ DMXReady