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Is Your Organization About Helping Others? We'd Like to Help You...

Churches, Charities, Schools & Non-Profit Organizations

churchesDMXReady is in the business of helping companies make money; we provide the tools that help businesses become more profitable. But for charities, churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations, "making money" is not the goal.

That's why DMXReady offers a 25% discount on its products to all non-profit organizations.

Since 2003, DMXReady has been proud to support non-profit organizations just like yours who want to harness the power of the web to connect and to communicate their messages. DMXReady recognizes that you are making the world a better place - and we would like to help. Our content management (CMS) software and website applications can help make designing and maintaining your website easier.

And with your 25% non-profit discount, it's also cheaper! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Send an email with a description of your non-profit organization, and your charitable/non-profit organization registration number
  2. Once approved, we will send you a 25% off coupon redeemable on any DMXReady software with the Single-Site License (Developer License not included with this offer)

Please note that this offer is valid only directly to non-profit organizations, and not indirectly through a third-party agent such as a web designer. (Your organization may of course hire a web professional to assist with your website design/construction, though all DMXReady purchases must originate through the non-profit organization itself.)

If you have any questions about this offer, contact DMXReady sales. We're happy to help!