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CMS templates - and website templates in general - are a great way for the do-it-yourselfer and web professional to cut time and cost from their website development project. In fact since 2003, DMXReady has provided designers and website owners with the tools they need to create their own content management systems (CMS) websites, quickly and easily.

website templatesWhat Are CMS Templates / Website Templates?

In the old days, all websites were hand-coded. Then came HTML editors like Dreamweaver that made creating web pages easier. Design templates helped website builders by giving them a pre-built framework. But all of these still required the services of a web professional to some extent.

DMXReady has taken the idea of website templates one step further, providing complete CMS templates that allow the average web owner to build their own websites.

For example, DMXReady CMS Suite can be configured for almost any business. This makes it easier for you to design a website because we've already plugged in the applications, created the pages and navigation, and wrapped it around an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). All you have to do is choose your design ( and replace our content with yours. If you're not ready for a full makeover, DMXReady offers a whole library of website application templates that can plug into your existing website to extend its functionality.

How Can DMXReady CMS Suite Help You?

CMS SuiteLet's say that you are setting up your own online storefront. What would you need? Where do you even start?

Scratch the surface, and it quickly becomes apparent that building a website can be more difficult than simply installing software. You need to plan your website, build logical pages, and put it all together.

...unless you have DMXReady CMS Suite! Our built-in CMS templates allow you to choose the business case that suits you best to pre-install all the pages and applications you need.

For example, let's say you want to open an online software store.

Independent Software Vendor

Goal: To increase sales and provide easy, automated point of purchase system for customers.

How DMXReady CMS Suite helps:

  • Create an online catalog of products, connect directly to your PayPal merchant account.
  • Store all help files and documentation.
  • Create a "Members Only" area of the website for premium content.
  • Contact members/customers via built-in mail manager.
  • Run your own blog and incorporate demos.
  • (Tip: DMXReady is a great example of a software vendor website running DMXReady CMS Suite!)

Then, simply plug in a design template, add your content, and you're ready to go. Test-drive the CMS website template for software vendors.

You Should Be Building Your Website from a CMS Website Template!

After all, why wouldn't you want to make building a website easier on yourself? Even web professionals prefer to build from templates rather than start from scratch every single time.

CMS templates:

  • Make it faster to design and create your own websites
  • Take the guesswork out of deciding which pages go where
  • Pre-assembles your website with the necessary plug-in applications
  • Allows you to create professional websites yourself, quickly and easily

And, with DMXReady CMS Suite, you get:

  • Fully open-source software you can modify, right down to the code level
  • Built-in design options, and instructions on how to install your own design template
  • Built-in database that uploads with the Suite - no more fiddling with complex databases yourself!

Take a test drive right now to see for yourself how much easier it is to use a CMS Website Template

Test Drive CMS Suite v3