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Do you know you can "customize" your DMXReady apps at the code level to create unique custom applications?

Why replace or throw away your existing website/investment when you can make your DMXReady applications -- and your whole website -- fresh, modern, and super functional?

There are literally thousands of freelance programmers/designers available to customize and update your DMXReady apps.

They can perform all work directly on your files on your server. No further uploading, installing, or updating necessary -- they can take care of it all.

There is no easier way to give your DMXReady apps (and your website) a quick update without the time and cost involved in a replacement.

What can a Freelance web professional do for you?

Apply New Look & Feel

  • Wrap inside a responsive design framework like Bootstrap, jquery mobile, skeleton etc. (learn more)
  • Install a new CSS style sheet or edit the CSS of your DMXReady app to better to match your web site design.
  • Integrate a 3rd party theme, template or CSS skin to modernize your existing DMXReady app.
  • Update your DMXReady app content, graphics and other media.

Automate Your Apps (and Business)

  • Add email notification scripts to your existing apps to help you track comments, content changes, page views etc.
  • Create scripts that will run scheduled maintenance, marketing and admin tasks automatically.
  • Add a "Contact Us" or  "Request a Quote" form to automate your sales process.

Add New Features/Functionality

  • Add additional fields to your existing DMXReady app forms and database.
  • Complete any of our knowledgebase "how-to" articles
  • Add social media and community services buttons like twitter/facebook/linkedin to your apps.

SEO Your DMXReady Apps

  • Create a custom scripts to dynamically generate meta tags based on page content.
  • Customize your web.config file to generate google friendly url's URL's and permanent redirects.
  • Restructure folder, file and naming architecture to better match your project.

Import/Export Your Data

  • Import external data into your DMXReady app database (you can export your data into excel, make your edits/additions directly in excel and import all your changes).
  • Export your DMXReady app database content into a format that you can import into a 3rd party software or cloud service.

Install New Apps & Updates

  • Install v1.x or v2.x DMXReady app updates without affecting your existing customizations.
  • Install and "plugin" a DMXReady app or accessory so it fits perfectly into your existing design.

Re-Mix Apps & Accessories

  • Combine other DMXReady apps with your existing apps to create a unique custom solution that matches your exact requirements.

Improve Performance Of Your Apps

  • Convert your DMXReady app database to MySQL or MS SQL database (must be supported by your webhost).
  • Audit your DMXReady app installations and apply protection techniques to ensure maximum security and protection from hackers.
  • Move your app to a different webhost.

Special Requests

  • Special Requests - Let your web pro know what you need and they will tell you if it can be done.

Learn how to hire a Freelance Web Professional