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Why DMXReady?

DMXReady - Reliable, Affordable Web-Smart Applications Since 2003

When it comes to web applications, DMXReady has been around the block a few times. Since our first Classic ASP applications released in 2003 to our newest v2 applications, we have provided web professionals and website owners with an easy way to extend the functionality of their websites, but with the flexibility to allow programmers and do-it-yourselfers to customize all open-source code.


DMXReady still believes that Classic ASP is the way for you to go. Not only is it easier to learn and modify, but it provides a strong, stable working website for small business owners who want a little more from their online presence. And as an added bonus, most website viruses tend to attack PHP-based websites, so sticking with Classic ASP means you are less likely to be hacked and attacked.

DMXReady offers:

  • Full Tech Support for all its applications
  • Added resources including our Online Knowledgebase and monthly Bulletin to help you get the most from your DMXReady applications - and your web design
  • Available Professional Services for those who need help installing, customizing, extending, and integrating their DMXReady applications
  • A growing library of ASP plugin applications and accessories
Do You Absolutely Need a PHP Application?

If so, check back often. This and other DMXReady applications will soon be available in PHP versions as well.

See whats new in v2:  For Web Professionals | For Do-It-Yourselfers