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Migrating from an existing v2 app

This process will overwrite existing files inside the dmxreadyv2 folder and update your database.

Steps if using MS Access database:

  1. Create a backup copy of your dmxreadyv2 folder on your local
  2. Unzip the cms-suite files inside your local (this will overwrite existing files inside the dmxreadyv2 folder)
  3. Database changes:
    1. Download the latest copy of your mdb database from the server and open the original db located here: /dmxreadyv2/databases/cms.mdb
    2. Open the new database located here: /dmxreadyv2/database/cms-suite.mdb
    3. Using MS Access, copy the table cms_tblPages + cms_tblPagesProjects from original db "cms.mdb" and paste (replace) inside the new database "cms-suite.mdb".
    4. Save changes to database
  4. Upload all files to server
  5. Unlock your application

To continue using your existing v2 database, make the following changes to database tables.

Database Changes if using existing v2 database

  1. Add column "DefaultProjectID" to table "cms_tblConfiguration"
    (DefaultProjectID, int, 10, 1)
  2. Add column "Display_ShowCart_Icon" to table "cms_tblPagesProjects"
    (Display_ShowCart_Icon, varchar, 10, True)
  3. Add column "Display_ShowMembers_Area"cms_tblPagesProjects"
    (Display_ShowMembers_Area, varchar, 10, True)


  • You can add a "Website Temporarily Unavailable" page to your site and make it the default home page until you complete the installation/upgrade
  • Always make a backup of the files on the server in case you need to reverse your changes
  • Your footer information, site logo, favicon and other site setup details will have to be re-input or copied from the original "cms_tblConfiguration"