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Why do my images fail to display (I only see a box with a red 'X')?

Q. Why do my images fail to display (I only see a box with a red 'X')?

A.There are several possible reasons why your images are not displaying:

You did not upload them to your server (Most Common) - In Dreamweaver, connect to your webserver and select "Remote View" from the pull down menu in the Files panel to confirm that you have uploaded the images.

The path to your image is incorrect - Even if your images are uploaded, you may be pointing in the wrong direction. For example, if you started creating pages before you defined your local site, Dreamweaver may have created a path to your image that points to your hard drive, not to your server. Right-click the image in your browser and select "Properties" to confirm the path.

Remove any spaces from your file path - Some servers cannot handle spaces in file names effectively, and others even have a hard time with file names longer than eight characters. Make sure you remove any spaces and special characters from your filename, and that everything is in lowercase.

These are three of the more common reasons. If these fixes don't solve your problem, it may be more complex. Do a search at Adobe to find out more:

Last word - it is good practice to create "absolute" pathways to your images and files, rather than "virtual" or "relative" (DMXReady applications need to use virtual and/or relative pathways so that they can be used with any web domain). When you are changing your paths or file names, you may wish to add absolute paths; for example: