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Error: Server.CreateObject Failed

Server.CreateObject Failed
Several years ago, Microsoft started phasing out support for CDONTS in favor of CDOSYS. You received this error because your server no longer supports the CDONTS mail server object. To continue using your mail server, you will need to use the CDOSYS files that DMXReady included with your application.
The CDOSYS files are identifiable by the name "XXXXX_CDOSYS.asp". Once you locate the files, you must update the SMTP server name setting located inside the source code with your SMTP server name.

For example:

Change from:
("")="xxxxx" (HINT: Use Find and Replace to locate this line.)

Change to:
(")="yoursmtp server"

Usually, "yoursmtp_server" will be in the format of "". However, if this does not work, please contact your server.

Steps for specific applications follow below: