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Error: Path Not Found

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c'
Path not found

This error occurs if you uploaded/moved files into a newly created folder. If you move files you will need to update the links to reflect the changes in location of the file. Check the source code, and verify that the path inside the tag correctly points to the location of the file on your server.
To avoid the this type of error We STRONGLY recommend that all application files are uploaded to the root of your web server. You do not need to add additional directories or folders:
The example below applies to all DMXReady apps:
All DMXReady applications have been specifically designed to work together with other DMXReady applications. Uploading multiple DMXReady applications to the same root directory on the web server will not cause any files to be overwritten. Instead, all application files will be neatly organized within the 4 folders: applications, Connections, admin, databases. This will help you keep you site neatly organized and "Ready" for customization.