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How often does DMXReady upgrade its products?

DMXReady Product Upgrades

Because DMXReady products are designed to be modified and customized by the developer or web owner, DMXReady does not emphasize upgrade for products that worked well before will work just as well now, no matter what version of Dreamweaver, Windows, or server software you are using.

That being said, you will notice a difference in the number of features between early DMXReady applications and newer ones. DMXReady products were designed originally as a short cut¯ for web developers who wanted to add dynamic functionality to their clients websites, but did not want to spend hours building (or learning how to build these applications from scratch. These were script libraries pre-connected to a database, ready to customize and plug in.

As more and more web owners and do-it-yourselfers started designing their own websites, DMXReady reacted to their need for more functionality within the Admin pages. The addition of the Settings Page, for example, allowed the DIY to change how their application operated without the need for editing the code itself.

If you are concerned about extending the functionality of your application without the trouble of customizing it yourself, keep an eye on the Accessories page of your application(s) for useful shortcuts. You can also send a ticket with your requests/suggestions for new products and accessories.

Generally speaking, DMXReady releases:

  • Major Release every  1- 2 years
  • Product Updates every 3- 6 months
  • Accessory Scripts 1 - 3  per month (Click on the "Accessories" link on your product detail page)

Customers will be notified of new product releases/updates/upgrades as they become available via our monthly bulletin.