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Why Does DMXReady Use Classic ASP?

Why Does DMXReady Use ASP?

DMXReady began creating applications for web developers in 2003. At that time, ASP was relatively new and gave developers the ability to create dynamic rather than static web pages.

Since that time, a number of new dynamic options have become available including, Cold Fusion, PHP etc. But DMXReady continues to use the Classic ASP platform for several reasons:

  • Easier to learn/use
  • No extra costs for developers (e.g. purchasing ASP.NET hosting)
  • Stable database connectivity
  • Full compatibility with earlier versions of DMXReady products
  • Fully functional for most dynamic website needs
  • Millions of web page resources that focus on ASP scripting

New does not always mean better. Other scripting platforms may be more powerful than ASP, but it comes at the cost of purchasing new software and increasing your learning curve. ASP and DMXReady applications are powerful enough to handle the needs of most SOHO/small business needs without added cost, hassle, or learning time.