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How do I protect my DMXReady app from Hackers?

Q. How do I protect my DMXReady app from Hackers?

No website is 100% hack proof. Banks, credit card companies, even military websites are successfully targeted by hackers. But like the locks on your doors, you can at least reduce the risk of being hacked.

To protect your web application from unauthorized access, you must ensure that you have met the following conditions:

  1. Your admin area is password protected with a unique username and password
  2. Your database is stored in a "secure" folder and cannot be downloaded from your browser
  3. Your application includes the latest updates released from DMXReady

1). How do I password protect the admin area?

There are many ways to secure the admin folder and all pages inside the admin area. It is up to the developer/designer to decide which way is best for their web site OR contact your webhost for the recommended method of securing folders on your domain.

Option A: Script Based Security - If you choose to use the built-in security script included with your DMXReady app, you must change the default username/password.

Option B: Server Side Security - If you choose to use server based security, the admin pages can be secured by securing the folder ("admin"). Contact your webhost for instructions on how to password protect the "admin" folder.

2). How do I secure the database?

To prevent hackers from downloading the access database and getting hold of sensitive data like passwords, make sure your database is not accessible (cannot be downloaded) using a web browser. If your webhost automatically restricts the download of ".mdb" files, then your database is secured. In some cases you will need to place your database in a hidden folder and setup a DSN to connect to the database. See related article for information on using a DSN connection:

Every web host has a different method of securing databases, this is why we strongly recommend you contact your web host for instructions on how to best secure the database.

3). How do I download and install the latest updates?

The latest updates for your application are available for download in your order history. Most updates only affect your Admin Area files, so that any display pages you have customized to change the look and feel of the application will not be affected! All updates are free just click to download! You can also view the release history which will tell you what has been updated, so you know exactly which files to update/replace.

If you have experienced unauthorized access to your website database and files, contact your web host to restore all your files and database to a point in time prior to the unauthorized access. All web hosts provide a backup/restore service that is free of charge. Contact your web host for details.