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Creating a DMXReady Re-MX application

Creating a DMXReady Re-MX application

It's almost routine these days in the music business: take the original track and remix or sample it, and build a new song. But in software applications, remixing is a bit of a novel idea and except for open source applications like DMXReady, a bit of an impossibility

But the bottom line is that you can breathe new life into your original DMXReady apps and extend their functionality by creating a remix (Re-MX) of two or more separate apps. For example, the Secure Document Library is a Re-MX of Members Area Manager and Document Library Manager, taking the elements of each that we need to create a new and dynamic solution. This is definitely an "advanced" customization technique, and does require some time. But we encourage you to make your own Re-MX using any combination of DMXReady applications.

Here are some guidelines you should consider when creating a Re-MX app:

  1. Clearly define the need you are trying to satisfy with your Re-MX app.
  2. Identify the "must-have" features you will need in your solution.
  3. Search the DMXReady library for the applications that contain the features you require that when combined, would provide a great solution.
  4. Combine the individual tables into a single "main" database.
  5. Combine your admin pages into a single centralized page.
  6. Combine your style sheets into a single CSS.
  7. Combine your files and folders into a single application folder.
  8. You can also modify/customize your pages as required, modify/customize the database tables as required, and add your own custom scripts to further extend your new application's capabilities.
  9. Always make backup copies of your applications to ensure you always have a copy of the original!
  10. For additional customization tips, see here:

Give Us Your Re-MX Ideas!

If this level of customization is beyond your skills, Email Us with your own Re-MX ideas or something that you need to improve your own website design, and we may add it to our list of Re-MX applications in the future.