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Manifesto: How DMXReady Enhances Your Web Design

DMXReady Enhances Your Web Design

Since 2003, DMXReady has provided web designers the ability to add ASP-scripted applications to their websites for dynamic, database-driven content. The whole idea right from the start was not to create finished ASP products (although all are functional right out of the box¯), but to give designers the fully open-source bare bones of these powerful scripts so that they can customize and modify to meet the needs of their website.


Today, the face of the web designer is changing. There are just as many (if not more) Do-It-Yourselfers looking for their own website solutions. To meet the needs of this less-technical consumer, DMXReady has included many features on its newer apps that allow more customization from within the application itself. Users can include their own footers, secure their admin pages automatically, even change the background color of a web page. And with the new generation of web applications now in development, the web designer/DIY will have even more options and be able to implement their applications more easily into any ASP-enabled website.


But customization has always been, and always will be, the spirit of DMXReady. No matter which direction your website takes you, DMXReady helps you do what you do better. Our applications are tools “ you are the artist that brings it all to life. And with your creativity and desire to build a better website, you can tap into DMXReady fullest potential.


DMXReady. Are You Ready for a More Powerful Web Presence?


Main Points:

  • DMXReady provides ASP script applications designed to be customized
  • As customer based has changed from predominantly web designer to more DIY, DMXReady has provided in-line customization options (e.g. the Settings page)
  • DMXReady will continue to produce fully-functional ASP applications so that all designers from web professionals to the DIYs can do what they do better