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Are DMXReady applications considered to be

Q. Are DMXReady applications considered to be "Content Management Systems" (CMS)?

A. Yes. A Content Management System or CMS is simply a low-tech way (i.e. do not need an HTML editor like Dreamweaver) to add, delete, and update content. Almost every DMXReady application fits that description, empowering the average person to take control of their own content.

The most comprehensive examples of this would be DMXReady's Site Engine Manager and the Website Kit (which is essentially Site Engine Manager with several other applications already plugged in).

The advantages of systems like this are fairly obvious, whether you are building a website for a client or you are building it yourself. It allows faster updating of web content, less reliance on an overworked IT crew, and overall better business efficiencies.

To learn more about how DMXReady CMS solutions can help you or your client, read our White Paper: