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Should I Add Music to My Website?

Should I Add Music to My Website?
Like any design element, music can help or hinder your visitors' experience. Chamber music, for example, may enhance your Wedding Wishes website. Cheesy MIDI-type keyboard music will not.

Here are some things to consider:
  • Is this quality music?
  • Does it actually enhance the visitors' experience, or take away from it?
  • Will it take a long time to load?
  • Am I adding this music because I think my visitors will like it, or because I like it? (Hint: always design for your visitors, not yourself!)
There are several places on the Internet where you can find music for your website, both free and for sale. Simply enter the search term: music for websites into your favorite search engine to find some.

The most important thing to remember though: make sure your visitor has a way of turning your music down or off. That way if they don't like it, they don't need to be subjected to it any longer than necessary!