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Creating Rollover Graphics

Creating Rollover Graphics
For those of you using the latest versions of Dreamweaver, you can automatically add rollovers anywhere into your design. Simply go to Insert > Rollover and follow the instructions.

Those of you with older versions (like DreamweaverMX) can still make impressive, eye-catching rollovers “ it just takes a few extra steps". You can find a complete tutorial here:

But no matter which method you use, a crucial part of the process is making sure that your  image and your rollover image are exactly the same size. Otherwise, you will find a distortion.

So how do you create a button that glows when you rollover it? By definition, won't it be larger? Not if you do it right.

When you create your initial button, make sure you have enough white space around it to add the glowing edges. For example, the actual button may be 80px by 20px. But if you create it in a document that is 100px by 40px, you will have enough room to add the glowing edges. Save both images in this 100px by 40px size, and you will not run into problems.