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Classic ASP

Classic ASP Stable, Dynamic, AND Easy to Use

ADMXReady started building applications in 2003 using what is now termed Classic ASP. And although we could certainly move on to other scripting languages like PHP, ColdFusion,, we have made the conscious decision to stick with Classic ASP.

Why? There are several reasons:

  • Easier to learn/use
  • No extra costs for developers (e.g. purchasing ASP.NET hosting)
  • No need to move/change your hosting platform
  • Stable database connectivity
  • Full compatibility with earlier versions of DMXReady products
  • Fully functional for most small business owners
  • Millions of web page resources that focus on ASP scripting
  • Want more reasons? See here:

What are the top 5 things you can accomplish with Classic ASP?

  1. Can make your web pages think using <%if then else%> statements
  2. Can connect to any database including MSAccess, MySQL, MSSQL, ORACLE
  3. 100% code means your code is server independant (you can run your ASP solution on millions of compatible hosting providers - no need for "specialized" server components
  4. Can create solid, functional applications more easily to meet the needs of the average small business or personal website
  5. Can easily be combined with JavaScript, AJAX, and other scripting languages to extend functionality even further

Classic ASP is the Best Choice for Our Customers

Customization is the spirit of DMXReady. We actively encourage our customers to take our open source applications and modify the HTML code, script, and css to make it their own. Although all of our applications can be used right out of the box, they are also powerful stepping stones for our customers to build their own killer apps.

The way to achieve that is to provide a platform for new developers and do-it-yourselfers that is as easy to learn as possible. And that is Classic ASP.

Classic ASP vs. PHP

Unlike PHP and other scripting languages, Classic ASP has a much shorter learning curve. That means you spend less time learning the language and more time getting results. After all, getting results is the end goal of most website building projects.

Classic ASP offers the best of both worlds: a robust, dynamic website environment coupled with ease of use and customization. And it's that balance that our customers appreciate most.

Business Case:

DMXReady for the Do-It-Yourselfer

DMXReady applications are built with the Do-It-Yourselfer in mind. DMXReady products are easily installed and added to any ASP-enabled (Windows) website. Using our user-friendly interface, you can:

  • Customize your own settings
  • Add/edit/delete content using any standard web browser
  • Use as a stand-alone or add directly to your website

DMXReady also offers a wide range of professional services to help you get your applications up and running faster.

Once installed, our content management applications are so easy to use that anyone in the office can quickly update the website – no IT person needed!

What really makes DMXReady special is that you can actual customize the open source code using Adobe Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor. Try doing that with other applications! DMXReady uses Classic ASP, perhaps the easiest programming language for new users to learn. In fact many of our customers comment that they learned Classic ASP simply by modifying their DMXReady applications.

So you can use DMXReady right out of the box, or modify the script to make it your own. Just make sure you have a backup of your original Zip file, and you can never make an unrecoverable mistake!

DMXReady applications are simply the most flexible and easy-to-use solutions for Do-It-Yourselfers who want to create dynamic, interactive websites.

Business Case:

DMXReady for the Professional Web Developer

When you develop a website for your clients, you are looking for two things:

  • Create a functional, sharp-looking website to meet client requirements
  • Make money

DMXReady helps you do both. With our dynamic website applications, you can solve the website challenges your clients throw at you. Need a way to edit and display images? DMXReady Photo Gallery Manager. Need to make several files available for download? DMXReady Document Library Manager or Secure Document Library. Need a robust Content Management Solution? DMXReady Site Engine Manager

DMXReady offers these applications and more at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop them from scratch. Plus, they are instantly downloadable so they are ready now. You can easily integrate them into any website design or use them as a stand-alone, and empower your clients with the ability to manage their own content.

What makes DMXReady different from some other website applications is that they are completely open source. You can modify the HTML code, the script, the design, and the CSS to customize it directly to your clients needs. And because DMXReady uses Classic ASP, scripting and modifying is a lot easier than with other programming languages like PHP but powerful enough to meet the needs of most SOHOs and small businesses.

As for making money, well you have many choices there. You can resell the application to your client with your own built-in markup, work the time it would take to create it yourself into your project fee, and combine several DMXReady applications to create your own killer app (billing for your time of course). If you purchase using the Developer License, you can resell the same application as many times as you like.

Add to that our extensive support network including our Online Knowledgebase, Professional Services to help you get started, and our monthly Bulletin, and you get a full-service solution not just an application.

DMXReady + Your Web Design = Great Websites!