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Cool Web 2.0 Tools You Can Plug Into Your DMXReady Applications

One of the greatest advantages of DMXReady applications is that anyone with basic web skills can manage web content using any standard browser. Now with the Web 2.0 Invasion, you can take that one step further.

By embedding these cool Web 2.0 tools directly into your DMXReady applications, you can increase the functionality of your clients websites. And that gives them to power to manage and manipulate even more of their content.

Here are a few of the nifty applications you can embed directly into DMXReady apps:

Google Presentations

What It Is: Free, online alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.
What It Does: Create PowerPoint-like presentations online.
How to Embed:

Picasa Web Albums

What It Is: Free Google image manager.
What It Does: Manage all images on your computer, create galleries and slideshows, and publish to the web.
How to Embed:


What It Is: Video hosting site.
What It Does: Allows you to upload your videos to the YouTube server, and then embed your video into your Online Notebook.
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Google Calendar

What It Is: Online calendar/day book
What It Does: Similar to the Outlook day timer functions, it allows you to use as a day timer, invite others to meetings, and publish events.
How to Embed:

Google Gadgets

What It Is: Various applications from clocks and news feeds to games and novelties.
What It Does: Each application adds its own functionality to your website.
How to Embed:


What It Is: A micro-blogging/social networking tool.
What It Does: Keeps you up to date with what your friends and colleagues are up to.
How to Embed: (must login first)

What It Is: A social bookmarking service.
What It Does: Allows you to collect your bookmarks (website addresses) in one easy-to-use spot, and share them with other people.
How to Embed: (must login first)


What It Is: A free professional networking website.
What It Does: Allows you to make virtual connections with colleagues around the world.
How to Embed: (third-party solution)


What It Is: A collection of apps that help you build a social networking community.
What It Does: Allows you to add video, create forums, and "widgetize" all functions to display on your website as well as those of community members.
How to Embed:

Flash Videos

What It Is: Embed Raw flash videos into your page.
What It Does: Allows you to publish your flash videos.
How to Embed: