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Tutorial: How to Display Additional Information From Database


Inevitable, sometimes you want to add another information other than information that by default is displayed by DMXReady Apps. You can always tweak or modify the code so your app displays additional information. Here is how to do that. To make it easier, we will use Secure Login Manager as our case study.

Objective: Adding email address information on welcome page after user log in.


First of all, you need to open "applications/SecureLoginManager/components/inc_personalization.asp

Locate anywhere in the page that you want the information to be displayed. For example, we want to put that email address below

Congratulations Mimi J., You have successfully logged in !!!

In order to display the information, go to line 58 on the CODE VIEW, and locate the following part


and change it to this:

Your email address is: "<%=(personalization.Fields.Item("EmailAddress").Value)%>"

Notice that because what you want to display is Email Address, than you will need "EmailAddress" in the code. If you want to display other information, then open your database (in this case SecureLoginManager.mdb that is located in your databases folder) and open tblMM_Members. Look for the information you want to display and write down the column name. You will need to type in the column name as in the example above.

Save the file, and upload it to the server.

That's it! :)

Don't hesitate to play around with DMXReady applications, because they can do many powerful things that you may have not thought before.

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