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Why does my page distort when I plug in an application?

Q: Why does my page distort when I plug in an application into my existing web page design?

A: You may find that adding an application to your current web page as a plug-in "distorts" the page. This is likely happening because the dimensions of your DMXReady application are larger than the spot in your web page you are adding the application. For example, if your DMXReady application's outer table is 400px, and the space you have alotted on your page is just 300px, then by default the application will take the space that it needs. Headers, footers, and other elements on your page can therefore become distorted and disjointed.

There are two ways to solve this problem: rearrange your own web page to give the application the space it needs, or reduce the space taken by the application. No matter which solution you choose, don't forget that other elements on your page may also be affected. For example, even if you reduce the DMXReady application's outer table from 400px to 300px to match your web page, there may be another table within the application that is 350px. Therefore, it will still distort your web page when you insert it. Be sure to test your pages and make all table adjustments before you go "live".