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DMXReady Manifesto

Web Software for the DIY World

What DMXReady is, and what makes dmxready different.

  1. My software dream come true - DMXReady gives you all the tools you need to build your own website: the software, the documentation, the resources, and the confidence. Yes, you can do it yourself!
  2. Your website, yourself, your way - Enjoy the freedom that comes from being able to do it yourself. Whether you are a web professional or a do-it-yourselfer, you can build -- and maintain -- your website, yourself, your way.
  3. "Business Automation System" means less busy for you... - The business that runs more efficiently needs less of you. Work hard now to create an automated business through your website, and you can work less later. DMXReady can show you how.
  4. My life as a freelancer - Work smarter, not harder. What does that mean? That means getting paid for your knowledge instead of your hours. Using DMXReady means no more building from scratch, so you get more money in no time flat.
  5. Are you Master of Your Domain? - Some website software "services" charge you monthly fees for the priviledge of using their code. With DMXReady, you own the code, and you can change it any way you like.
  6. "Why won't this app work?" - Third-party apps can mean third-class results. DMXReady gives you everything you need for your website -- and that's a first-class ticket to Easy!
  7. ASP is easier - Classic ASP is reliable and much easier to learn for the first time do-it-yourselfer. Add in the bonus of having a built-in Access database, and programming with ASP seems like a no-brainer...
  8. All the ingredients in one box - You've got a recipe for success. So what's easier, shopping for all your ingredients separately or buying them all in one box? (Hint: you already know the answer...)
  9. The Internet, pimped out - Like Google Calendar? Want to add Facebook to your page? Getting Twitter-pated? Add them and other great web gadgets to your website, often with just a few lines of code.
  10. Who let the dogs out? - Sometimes the most beautiful solutions are the easiest. With DMXReady, you unpack, upload, and install. No searching for apps and the database is built in! Easy peasy.
  11. Tangerine-flake your website, baby - customization is the spirit of DMXReady. Do it yourself, your way. You'll learn more, look better, and live longer (probably).
  12. Be an online chameleon and skin it your way - "Skin" your website with any number of commercially available website templates (including WordPress, HTML, and Joomla) or design your own for a truly personalized look.
  13. Host Anywhere - If they've got Windows hosting, they've got DMXReady. Our apps are guaranteed to work on any ASP-enabled (Windows) server or hosting plan like those provided by GoDaddy, Lunar Hosting, 1and1Hosting, and others.
  14. No Training Required - Building your own website shouldn't require a Masters degree in software engineering. DMXReady applications are easy to understand and easy to use with on-screen prompts and in-depth Help Central articles if you need them.
  15. Built for Business - The problem with new technology is that it doesn't always work. DXMReady is built with proven, reliable technology so your website gets more steak and less fizzle. Why risk your business on the latest thing?
  16. You get out what you put in - Your database is the single most important part of your website. Get it right, and your website will live forever, no matter what new technologies come.

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