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Mobile Web App Templates That Work on Any Device!

Web Apps Built With Bootstrap 3

iOS, Android, BlackBerry -- app developers pick and choose which devices they create applications for. If you're not on the list, well, you're not on the list...

But with MobileReady from DMXReady, you're always on the list. That's because MobileReady app templates are web-based, allowing you to use your applications on any Internet-ready device including smartphone, PC/Mac, tablet, and even Smart TV. If you have two different smartphones, no need to download the same app twice either. MobileReady from DMXReady will work on both automatically!

How MobileReady Works

Native applications have some serious drawbacks. You can't use them on other phones, you can't use them on your PC, and you certainly can't customize them.

But with MobileReady, you can do all three. That's because they are web-based application templates built with Bootstrap -- essentially responsive mini-websites that you can run on any Internet-enabled device equally as well. You can change the look and feel of the application template by adding a new Bootstrap theme, changing the design manually, even changing the open source code to change and extend the functionality.

Then, once you have your application up and running, it's easy to add an icon to your smartphone, an icon to your tablet, and a bookmark to your PC or Mac. You get the same up-to-date data no matter where you are, and can change that data from any device.

  • It's web-based and ready to go -- just upload to your Windows-enabled website
  • It's customizable -- change the design, the functionality, even the database
  • It works everywhere -- PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet. You can even integrate it into your current website!
  • You own the code -- modify as much as you like, and even make and sell your own mobile web apps to your customers

MobileReady gives you all the versatility of an app with all the flexibility of a website template, and lets you customize your app yourself.

Now You Can Build Your Own Web-Based Mobile Apps

Ever thought of developing your own smartphone applications? Native apps like Android and iPhone apps are slick, but they take more resources to develop than the average small business has to spend. Web apps offer a much easier way for new developers to create apps because they are:

  • Essentially mini-websites, so they are much easier to develop, manage, and use.
  • Usable on any platform like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and even PC and Mac with ZERO modifications.
  • Easy for any web developer to create customized apps using the Bootstrap responsive design framework.

MobileReady by DMXReady provides a template for web designers and developers to help them create their own web-based apps. Like all DMXReady applications, they are customizable down to the (open source) code and database levels. You can develop for your own use, make an app for a client, or even re-sell your apps to multiple customers in your very own App Store. You can even use MobileReady as the starting point for your hybrid apps, which blend the best of both worlds (native apps and web apps) into one, handy app. Checkout the resource links below to learn how!

Runs Like an App, but Much More Flexible

With MobileReady, you have full control of the application including design and functionality without having to learn new programming languages. They're built in Dreamweaver, so they are easy to modify using ASP VBScript and other common web languages. MobileReady apps are also built with Bootstrap, so they are fully responsive and look great on any device from smartphone to SmartTV.

Best of all, it's almost as easy to get started than the average app. Download from MobileReady, upload to your Windows-enabled server, and create a link on your phone, desktop, or any other Internet device. You're ready to go!

What are the benefits of using a MobileReady application template?

For Developers

  1. Built in Dreamweaver so you can extend with Dreamweaver tools.
  2. Ingredients: Bootstrap 3, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, ASP VBScript.
  3. Web Database (MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL).
  4. Developer guide for advanced customization.
  5. Single page front end file/page so you can easily add themes.
  6. Admin dashboard single page template for easy customization
  7. Simple for a designer to setup. 

For Admin Users

  1. Mobile First UX/UI so your app template looks and works perfectly on mobile devices "out of the box".
  2. Built-in end-user help guide.
  3. Simple for an non-technical user to administer.

For White-Label

  1. MIT (or similar full rights) License so you can re-sell without restrictions.
  2. Run multiple contests on the same domain.
  3. Setup a SaaS business by providing app hosting & management for your customers.

Can you create a native IOS or Android app using a DMXReady Template?

Yes. You can create what is called a Hybrid Web App. Hybrid apps are part native apps, part web apps. Like native apps, they are distributed through the app store and can take advantage of the many device features available using HTML5 & CSS3. The native app works as a wrapper of an existing responsive web page. The app would load the responsive web site/app using the browser embedded within the app. It will look and feel exactly like native applications.Creating an android/iphone native app will allow users to download the app from the app store and install on your mobile device.  Here are some curated resources that can help:

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