Centralize Important Contact Information Online

Publish and manage client/account/supplier information on your website for easy access, no matter where they are located:

  • Create a customized, online "Yellow Pages" on your website
  • Add name, title, address, phone, fax, e-mail, category, comments, company URL, and more
  • Add a link to Google or Yahoo map
  • Add a company logo or personal head shot to each entry
  • Categorize entries by company, service/product, location, or any other system you choose
  • Deactivate contact member without deleting details
  • Simple to use and manage
  • Pre-configured MS Access database (MS Access not required)
  • 100% File Based Architecture - update the code inside the files to match your requirements

DMXReady Account List Manager keeps your important contact information at your employees' finger tips, no matter where in the world they are!

Bootstrap DIY

Add Bootstrap YourselfAdd Bootstrap yourself to optimize Account List Manager v1 for mobile devices

This app does not include Bootstrap. Nonetheless, you can make Account List Manager v1 look and work beautifully on ANY device by adding Bootstrap yourself (get the latest version here). DIY-ing not really up your alley? Hire a web pro to do it for you or start from a MobileReady template.

You can also join our mailing list – we announce new MobileReady versions of our apps in our monthly newsletter as they become available.

Full Refund GuaranteeMoney-Back Refund Guarantee -- Download and use Account List Manager v1 "Risk Free" for 15 Days - Learn More

User Demo    Admin Demo


The examples below demonstrate how Account List Manager v1 is being customized and used in real world web projects. Account List Manager v1 can be used “right out of the box” or can be customized (content & code) to seamlessly blend into any web site design, theme or template.

If you have an example of your work with DMXReady Account List Manager v1 send us the link.

See more examples



Delivery Method:

Hosting Requirements

  • Account List Manager v1 can be used on ANY Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008, IIS) or  Windows Hosting Plan that supports asp ASP (3.0 or greater) which is standard on ALL windows servers or web hosting plans.
  • If you are uncertain about compatibility, download our FREE web server testing script to find out if your web server is compatible.
  • If you require windows hosting, checkout out our list of recommended windows web hosting providers.

Browser Compatibility

  • Latest desktop browsers (as well as IE7!), tablets and smartphone devices.


  • MS Access database included (MySQL & MSSQL compatible).

Warranty & Support


Select a purchase option below. Your copy of Account List Manager v1 will be available for download after purchase.



How to Install

  1. Unzip all files to a local folder on your computer.
  2. Upload/FTP all files and folders to your Windows web host/server (using Dreamweaver, Net2FTP or FileZilla, BulletFTP, CuteFTP etc.)
  3. Browse to your admin dashboard to add/edit/delete content.


How To Use Account List Manager v1

  1. Stand Alone Usage - can run side by side your existing website.
  2. Plugin Use - can run inside an existing web page from your website. See the plugin wizard for instructions.
  3. CMS Suite Plugin - can run inside DMXReady CMS Suite.


How To Customize

One big advantage to using Account List Manager v1 is that although it's "ready to go, right out of the box," it is also fully customizable. You can use ANY HTML editor to edit the application pages, including: Dreamweaver (all versions), Expression Web, Front Page, Go Live, Notepad etc. or any other HTML editor. You can learn more about customizing DMXReady apps in our customization guidelines.

Customize with Bootstrap

BootstrapYou can update Account List Manager v1 with Bootstrap and make your app look and work beautifully on ANY mobile device . Simply plugin the Bootstrap CSS & Jquery library and markup the existing HTML with Bootstrap's css classes and Account List Manager v1 will be optimized for mobile devices. Visit the Bootstrap website for more information: http://getbootstrap.com/

Don't want to Do-It-Yourself? Hire a freelance web professional to help you.

Bonus Accessories Included FREE with purchase of Account List Manager v1


inc_accountlistmanager_show_extra.asp - $15 Free

Additional details are displayed

live demo


inc_accountlistmanager_show_hide.asp - $15 Free

Account categories are displayed as a collapsible navigation list

live demo


inc_accountlistmanager_search_all.asp - $15 Free

"Search by Keyword" box will search Name, Address, Category, Lookup and Profile columns in the database.

live demo


inc_accountlistmanager_show_details.asp - $15 Free

All details are displayed in list view

live demo


inc_accountlistmanager_search_all_show_extra.asp - $15 Free

Additional details are displayed and "Search by Keyword" box will search Name, Address, Category, Lookup and Profile columns in the database.

live demo


insert_account.asp - $30 Free

Account registration form plugin for the Account List Manager

live demo


inc_accountlistmanager_rs_navigation.asp - $15 Free

Includes recordset navigation. Displays 20 records per page.

live demo


inc_accountlistmanager_show_extra_list.asp - $15 Free

Name, web address and email address are displayed in list view

live demo


inc_accountlistmanager_storelocator.asp - $15 Free

Display page includes a multi-paramater search feature and can be used as a Store Locator application

live demo

Get $150 in bonus accessories Included FREE with your purchase of Account List Manager v1

Add-On Services

Jump Start Installation

Jump Start Installation - $45/ App

Full installation and setup services for your DMXReady plugin web applications and accessories, including DMXReady CMS.

Pro Services Pack 2

Pro Services Pack 2 - $150/ Pack

Get a minimum of 2 hours Professional Service time from DMXReady. Use this time for installation, custom programming, Bootstrap conversion and much more.

Priority Support Ticket

Priority Support Ticket - $45/ Ticket

Receive personalized troubleshooting or "getting-started" support direct from dmxready.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty - $99/ Year

Get an Extended Warranty with 1 year support on your DMXReady software

If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us to discuss your service requirements.

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