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Your DMXReady software purchase includes 30 Days FREE email support for installation & setup. If you are no longer eligible for free email support (30 days from date of purchase), we offer 2 additional email support options (refer to extended warranty program & pay-per-incident options below).

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DMXReady customers are eligible for:

  1. 30 Days of FREE email support (30 days from date of purchase). Click here to submit an email ticket.
  2. Lifetime access to knowledgebase and product documentation for:

Extended Warranty Program

Enjoy worry-free ownership & usage for one year -  $99/year. Receive priority email support, unlimited patches, bug fixes and updates of your DMXReady software product.

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Purchase priority email support on a Pay-Per-Incident basis - $45/ticket. Receive personalized troubleshooting, debugging and coaching support for the resolution of "ONE" support incident.

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Registration Manager v1 Help Pages

User Guide Registration Manager v1 

Getting Started 

DMXReady Registration Manager allows visitors to register with your company themselves through an easy-to-complete online form. Store all valuable information such as name, address, contact info, personal bio, and even include a map of their location. Registration Manager allows up to six different levels of categorization, and is fully searchable by Keyword or by Category.

Although this is a useful information-gathering tool in itself, its real power is unleashed when partnered with other DMXReady applications. Combine with Mailing List Manager to easily contact your members, or add to the Secure Login Manager to give your members access to areas of your website that casual visitors cannot enter. DMXReady Registration Manager is invaluable for any e-commerce site!

DMXReady Registration Manager cuts your admin time, and gives your members the power to quickly submit their own information.

Setting Up DMXReady Registration Manager

Setting e-Mail Confirmation Preferences 

  1. Open the admin.asp page through any standard browser: You will note an empty table with the following headers: Member Name, Member ID, Email Address, Update Category, Member Status, Activated, Delete, and a link named Insert New Member. Above this table are five text boxes for entering Member Name, Email Address, Username, and Password, and an Insert New button.
  2. Click on Set Preferences, found at the top of the page.
  3. This section allows you to configure the confirmation email that is automatically sent to the Registrant and notification email sent to Administrator. Fill in the text boxes with the appropriate information, and click Update. For more information about each text box, hover above the question mark icon.


Due to security reasons, Registration Manager does not auto backup any changes to your server. Therefore it is recommended that you save your changes often. If you fail to save your changes, not only will your edits not be “published” to your server, you will also lose any changes that you have made and you will have to start again.

Add a New Category 

Depending on the number of the registrants, you may find it better to break down membership into different categories. DMXReady Registration Manager allows you define categories easily.

  1. Open the admin.asp page through any standard browser:
  2. Click on the Add Category link under the Update Category column. (Note: you can also add and edit categories by following the Insert New Member link.).
  3. A pop-up box will appear. In the text box next to Add New Category, type the name of your first category and click on Create. Repeat this process until you have added all necessary categories.
  4. You can also add sub-categories to each category in the text box directly below. Choose the top category from the pull-down menu, then follow the same procedure as above.

Edit Category 

Once you have designated a category, it can be easily changed, replaced, or deleted. This can be done at anytime during creation or administration of the website; all changes made to category names will be automatically updated throughout Registration Manager.

  1. Open the admin.asp page through any standard browser:
  2. Click on the Add Category link under the Update Category column. (Note: you can also add and edit categories by following the Insert New Member link.).
  3. When the pop-up window appears, scroll through the list of categories, and make the required changes. When you are finished, click on Update Record.
  4. To delete the category altogether, click on Delete.

Add a Member 

  1. Open the admin.asp page through any standard browser:
  2. In the appropriate text boxes, enter the member's name, e-mail address, username, and password, and click on the Insert New button.
  3. You can go back later to fill in the remaining information - see Edit a Member, below.

Editing a Member 

  1. To change an account list item or its corresponding name, descriptions, etc., go to the Admin page.
  2. Click the Edit link next to the item that you wish to change. Make the required changes and click Save Record.

Deleting a Member 

  1. To delete an account list item, go to the Admin page.
  2. Click Delete next to the entry that you wish to remove. All information will be immediately removed from the server.

DMXReady Designer's Tip: To Avoid Losing Member Information Altogether...

If it is at all possible that you may want to reuse the entry again in the future, you may find it better to simply deactivate the member by clicking off the 'Activate' checkbox in the editing page. The entry will no longer appear to visitors of your page, and the member will be unable to use any passwords required to access your site, but the information will still be available for you to change or activate as you need in the future.

For Lists of More Than 20 Items... 

The admin page shows only 20 items at a time. Click on the on the bottom links (Next, Last, etc.) to scroll through the items.

Integrating Secure Login Manager with Registration Manager 

In order to fully integrate DMXReady's Secure Login Manager with Registration Manager, the file name pointer has to be changed from the Secure Login Manager database to that of the Registration Manager. Note: These steps should be done after both applications have been extracted to your local website location and put to the server.

  1. Open the local file of ".../Connections/secureloginmanager.asp" with Dreamweaver.
  2. Change the line: "MM_secureloginmanager_STRING = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & Server.MapPath("/databases/SecureLoginManager.mdb") & ";" %>" to read: "MM_secureloginmanager_STRING = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & Server.MapPath("/databases/RegistrationManager.mdb") & ";" %>"
  3. Save and put to server.

If you purchased both apps at the same time, then no further configuration is required. However, do not use the Secure Login database to manually add new members. All members should now be added through the Registration Manager admin page, as described above. As well, all information pertaining to members, including security levels, should be edited through the Registration Manager.

All other Secure Login Manager operations such as configuring security options and setting the "Lost Password" message should be done in the Secure Login Manager admin page as described in the Secure Login Manager User Guide documentation.

Adding DMXReady Secure Login Manager Data to Registration Manager 

Transferring your current member list from Secure Login Manager to that of Registration Manager must be done at the database level through Microsoft Access and Excel (unless you wish to retype all entries into Registration Manager). Because the Registration Manager's database is more complex and contains more fields, it is not as easy as simply transferring the member table from Secure Login Manager to the new database.

Alternatively, you can also e-mail all of your current members and ask them to re-register into the new system. But if you choose to transfer yourself, follow the procedure below.

  1. First, save backup copies of both the Secure Login Manager and the Registration Manager to somewhere else on your hard drive to keep your original data safe.
  2. In Microsoft Access, open the Registration Manager database from your hard drive (not from the server).
  3. Highlight the file tblMM_Members and click File-> Export
  4. Rename as RMembers, click on the "Save Formatted" checkbox, and save as an Excel file (your current version).
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 with the Secure Login Manager database, renaming the file SLMembers.
  6. Open both RMembers and SLMembers in Excel.
  7. Cut and paste all active columns and rows from SLMembers to RMembers. It is easier if you paste the SLMembers below the RMembers, but both approaches will work.
  8. Rearrange the cell entries from the SLMembers to match the columns. You may cut and paste the columns, or add/delete cells to shift the SLMembers data to the corresponding RMembers columns. There is no right or wrong way, as long as names, usernames, and passwords are all together in their respective columns.
  9. In the "CategoryID" column (probably column C), fill in the blanks from the SLMembers with the number 19. (This is easier if you type it once at the top entry, then drag down to the bottom of the entries).
  10. Save the file as NewTable in Excel format within your local website folder called "databases" (i.e. C:MyDocumentsYourWebsitePublicdatabases).
  11. In Microsoft Access, open the Registration Manager database and go to File-> Get External Data -> Import
  12. Change the File Type to Excel, and select the NewTable file.
  13. This will bring up the Import Spreadsheet Wizard. On the first page, click the "First Row Contains Column Headings" check box and click the Next button.
  14. Select "In a New Table" and click the Next button.
  15. Do not edit any of the fields on this page, simply click the Next button.
  16. Select "No Primary Key" and click on the Next button.
  17. In the "Import to Table" text box, type "NewTable" and click on the Finish button.
  18. In Microsoft Access, double-click "NewTable". Ensure that all the information transferred and is listed correctly.
  19. Once you are satisfied that everything is in order, delete the current "tblMM_Members" file and rename "NewTable" to "tblMM_Members". Double check spelling.
  20. In Dreamweaver, put the Registration Manager database to the server. If prompted to overwrite, click "Yes".
  21. Open the Registration Manager admin page (i.e. All the members from your Secure Login Manager database should appear on the Registration Manager admin page.
  22. You may now take advantage of Registration Manager's extra fields by editing and adding new information to the members.

If you have any problems or questions with this procedure, contact DMXReady Tech Support ( and we will reply ASAP.

Install & Setup Registration Manager v1 

click to view installation demo

What you need to complete installation:

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip all files to your local site, the folder location on your computer that holds your website files.
  2. Upload all files and folders to your web server exactly as they were unzipped (DO NOT MODIFY file or folder names)
  3. Start using your application! - you can access the display page and admin page through the following url's (you need to substitute your domain name):

Location of Application:

Location of Admin Control Panel:

Your default login credentials for the Admin Area are:

    username: admin
    password: admin

Congratulations! You are now ready to setup your installation of Registration Manager v1

Setup Instructions

  1. Open the Admin Control Panel of your application through any standard browser:

    Location of Admin Control Panel

  2. Adding, editing, and deleting entries and Settings is fairly intuitive. However, instructions can be found in the user guide. Be sure to use the “Save” button/link to save any changes you make before you exit the page.
  3. Configure your server permissions (if necessary): Depending on how your web host has configured your web space, you may encounter a problem where your changes are not being saved to the database. To solve this problem, you simply need to change the read/write permissions on your "/databases/" folder, found in your web space control panel. If you do not know how to do this, please contact your web host company for instructions.
  4. Configure your email settings (if necessary): Follow the instructions from the readme.html file included in the Registration Manager v1 zip file or admin control panel for step-by-step instructions on how to configure your email settings to match your web hosts requirements.

Important Notes

Warranty & Support Conditions

Your DMXReady software purchase includes:

  1. 15 Day full refund guarantee. See our refund policy for more info.
  2. 30 Days email support for installation & setup. See our support policy for more info.
  3. Full lifetime access to the DMXReady product support portal.
Personalized priority support is available for purchase on a per ticket basis. See here for more info.

Skin Registration Manager v1 with your own css template
It’s easy to skin Registration Manager v1, whether you are using Bootstrap, CSS templates or the “old-fashioned” HTML templates. You get all the power of a database-driven CMS application built into your own beautiful designs. Here's how to do it:

  1. Download and Extract your Template & Registration Manager v1 files to your local site folder.
  2. Create a copy of the main template file (index.html) and rename "index.asp".
  3. Open your new "index.asp" file and replace the placeholder html with the appropriate include files from Registration Manager v1.
  4. Wrap the Registration Manager v1 html with the appropriate CSS Div and Id classes using the original index.html file as a guide.
  5. Upload all files and you are ready to go!

    This process may be challenging but the results are well worth it! It doesn't take much of a leap to figure out that you can do this with all your DMXReady applications – or your complete web site for that matter. Skin your old content for a new look and feel!

Want your app to look and work beautifully on ANY mobile device?

Bootstrap Now you can re-skin Registration Manager v1 using the amazing Twitter Bootstrap responsive design framework. Designers and do-it-yourselfers can use Registration Manager v1 as a jumping off point to build stunning custom CMS websites or develop slick web apps for the mobile web.

Test-drive DMXReady Links Manager v2 and see for yourself how you can modernize Registration Manager v1 to look & work beautifully on ANY mobile device.

Plug-in Wizard

You are just two steps from plugging in your new DMXReady application directly into your new or existing website. First, enter your domain name (without the www.):

Step 1 - Wizard Setup

Provide the domain/website address where Registration Manager v1 is installed:

domain/website: ( i.e.