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I have been using DMXReady - Secure Login Manager for a long time with absolutely no problems. I recently needed an add-on feature that would allow users to change their own passwords. I contacted DMXReady and found a ready reception for my ideas and a positive response to my needs. Once we agreed on what I wanted, I was very pleasantly surprised with the speed of their service and the manner in which they implemented the solution. A job well done on a product for which I have found no equal." -- Robert Boudreau (webmaster) - www.saintbenedict.ca

"I am extremely pleased with the quality and ease of maintenance DMXReady applications provide. With little technical knowledge, I have my administration staff regularly update content on our websites, and keep our content fresh. Plus, the customer service after the sale is impeccable - the representatives will work on any issues you have until the problem is solved." -- Kevin France, Partner, Regenesis Management Group

"I am very happy with the professional services. The application and the customization have been exactly what I was looking for" -- Josh Longiaru - www.eotj.com

"We were very pleased with DMXReady's Professional Services. The team was prompt and friendly and we would definitely use them again to customize any of the DMXReady applications we use!" -- Colleen C. Tully - www.intrepidpixelweb.com

"DMXReady's services and products in our opinion are second to none. There are many companies out on the web that promise but don't deliver. Well, I am happy to say that DMXReady DOES deliver what they promise and more" -- David Weber - Re/max

"Your product is fantastic for the price. It truly is a turnkey system and is very well documented. It is also very easy to use" -- Bill Colbeck

"We LOVE your products... they are so easy to install and especially to use. DMXReady apps have made programming a breeze and our customers very happy with their efficiency. Your services have been above and beyond what we could ever ask for." -- David Arnett (Web Developer) www.jpmicro.com

"We needed a fast affordable solution, one that was proven to work and could be implemented in our existing website - DMXReady was the answer!" -- http://www.questcomputing.co.uk/

"Site Engine Manager...is literally out of the box and ready to upload, just add you own content easily, safely and securely. Now I can give my customers an easy way of updating their own website." -- http://www.yarmcomputers.co.uk/

"DMXReady applications has helped us to design impressive websites to our customers. With DMXReady applications it is easy to make great database driven websites in less time." -- http://www.mainossatama.fi/

"Absolutely fantastic products, it only took me 30 minutes to realise the potentials and savings. Keep it up" -- http://www.untitledadvertising.com/

"I have found DMXReady applications excellent for increasing a websites interactivity. I have no hesitation in recommending their applications to any small web design business!" -- http://www.creedster.net.au/

"I was so impressed with the Site Engine Manager, I have now bought most of the other DMXReady products, and I have never been let down. Thank You DMXReady!" -- http://www.yarmcomputers.co.uk/

"DMXReady applications have saved me a ton of time and allowed me to deploy applications that I previously didn't have the capability to deploy...applications are easy to install and customize...Keep up the great job !" -- http://www.efishhunt.com/

"DMXReady is a nice way to learn how to build a site that uses a database without knowing too much about programming." -- http://www.gatepoint.se/

"DMXReady applications.....saves you time.....saves you time.....saves you time. " -- http://www.apegga.org/

"As I stumbled across DMXReady over the internet I was unsure about purchasing the applications - I can only say it's the best thing I ever did...Good luck to other users, a seriously great product !!!" -- http://www.wapspace.co.uk/

"The most important thing to me is satisfying my customers...I can see that this is your companies philosophy as well, and thanks to your outstanding support, I can deliver that for my customers." -- http://www.millerenterprises.com/

"As an intermediate web designer I have finally found one of the most powerful tools for the job. With the DMXReady applications backing up my front end design, I feel completely confident about approaching larger projects." -- http://www.wapspace.co.uk/

"The quality and standard of support and advice that you give to your clients is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending DMXReady or using any of your products." -- http://www.hoagyweb.co.uk/

"Amazing product, straight to the point, no fuss, great price, ready-to-go, easy to make money (bottom line!). I'd swear by DMXReady, well done you guys...I recommend you all the time." -- Anonymous

"Need a website but the website is managed by the members and not by you, DMXReady! Need full control to create web content in a flash, DMXReady!" -- http://www.designation.nl/

"DMXReady delivers when you need an affordable self contained application that is easy to customize. Integration into your website takes minutes!" -- http://www.webdesignable.com/

"I have been designing websites for some time...I dabbled with various software but I was never really comfortable as they where too complicated for my end users. Then I stumbled upon DMXReady, I couldn't believe how easy the Site Engine Manager is to use, and modify. " -- http://www.yarmcomputers.co.uk/

"DMXReady apps allow me to develop functional websites in half the time allowing me to plugin commonly used web applications and put the content management in clients hands." -- http://www.temacsolutions.com/

"Using DMXReady applications.....Taught me all about ASP and databases" -- Anonymous

"If, like me, the words "databases" and "interactivity" fill you with root-canal-like dread, then DMXReady applications are your salvation." -- http://www.becktechwebs.com/

"The Document Library Manager helped implement a low-cost solution for our customer which both meet the customer budget and specifications." -- http://www.323interactive.com/

"Links Manager allows me to plug this into new sites using one line of ASP script without having to write each module from scratch." -- http://www.emcom.co.uk/

"DMXReady has enabled me to implement an ASP/MS Access solution for my website CD catalogue with no prior knowledge of ASP." -- http://www.indie-cds.com/