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The Renaissance of Classic ASP

DMXReady Releases New Ebook "Classic ASP Myths Debunked"

The Renaissance of Classic ASP - On Wave of New and Returning Users, Web Software Company Publishes "Classic ASP Myths Debunked" - Learn Why Classic ASP Is The Smart Choice For Database Web Applications.

As many of you know, Classic ASP is quickly coming back into favor. New users are turning to Classic ASP because it is easy to use, and programmers who left it before are coming back for similar reasons.

We've released a new ebook on the wave of this new popularity: Classic ASP Myths Debunked. Find out more about it below!

We also sent out a press release announcing the ebook launch. You can read all about it here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/dmxready/asp/prweb3955004.htm

Classic ASP Myths Debunked - the DMXReady eBook

Classic ASP is enjoying a renaissance of late. New programmers and web designers are stumbling upon it, looking for an easy way to get their dynamic websites up and running without having to get a PhD in Computer Science. Veteran programmers are coming back too, perhaps realizing that Classic ASP offers many advantages over other programming languages.

No matter what the reason, we can tell you that its popularity is growing once again. On the wave of that growth, we've published a new ebook: Classic ASP Myths Debunked: The Renaissance of Classic ASP. In it, we explain five myths about Classic ASP, where the myths likely came from, and what the actual truth is. (See below for a sample myth...)

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Download your ebook copy (for free) here:

Excerpt: Classic ASP Myths Debunked

Here is an excerpt from the new DMXReady ebook, Classic ASP Myths Debunked:

"Myth #5: Google and other search engines can't crawl web pages ending in .asp

Again, totally untrue. Google itself says that it can crawl any type of web page as long as it is visible in a web browser. It also tells you exactly how to test your pages - if it passes the test, Google will crawl it:

Also related is the fear that Google can't crawl dynamic URLs, those long addresses that use symbols like "?" and "=" and "&" to specify different parameters. However this myth was also busted by Google itself:

That being said, there are some reasons why you might want to have "friendly URLs" - namely, so that your website visitors can better identify and remember your web page.

One way you can create friendly URLs is by using the web.config file on your Windows server....

If you are using DMXReady v2.0 applications, you can create friendly URLs even faster and easier within the settings of each page. All you have to do is enter your unique URL in the space provided, and the application will automatically convert the page name...

Bottom line: no matter what approach you take to displaying your page URLs, Googlebots will have no problem crawling your pages - at least not due to your URL structure."

Read the whole book! Download your free copy at:

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