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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about DMXReady.

DMXReady ASP web app templates are "pre-built" web applications that "plug-in" to your new or existing asp website. Each template comes with a pre-configured MS Access database, password protected admin area and front-end display page. Simply upload and use as a stand-alone application, or integrate with your current ASP website using one line of code. Customize the template any way you wish using Dreamweaver or any html editor.

Download the FREE DMXReady mobile web app and experience for yourself the ease and simplicity of installing and using a DMXReady template.

DMXReady ASP web app templates are essentially web applications that add specific functionality to your website. These dynamic, database-driven applications are robust and interactive, making it easier to add fresh website content using any device. Plus, they are fully customizable down to the code and database level so you can change the way it works (much easier than starting from scratch), give it the look and feel of your current website or re-skin usng a professsional bootstrap theme. You get absolute control to update content on your website in 24/7/365, ultimately saving you time, money and effort.

Problem: How do you modernize your ASP website with minimal time, money and effort?

Solution: DMXReady web application templates -- save time and money from developing from scratch.

Download the FREE DMXReady app and experience for yourself the ease and simplicity of installing and using a DMXReady web application template.

Anyone with basic web skills can unZip, upload, and install a DMXReady template into your current ASP website. But for web designers, web developers, programmers, graphic designers and even do-it-yourselfers who want to start from a web application template, DMXReady offers something a little special. DMXReady offers the easiest and quickest way to add powerful web application functionality to your websites. All web applications are built using file templates so you have complete control to customize the applications any way you wish by opening and editing the template files using Dreamweaver or any HTML editor.

Download the FREE DMXReady Mobile Optimized web app template and experience for yourself how easy you can upload to your current website and/or access the code for customization.

What You Need To Get Started

  • Windows web hosting plan to host your cms website files (or windows IIS if you run your own server)
  • FTP program to upload your web files
  • Web browser to access your website dashboard

DMXReady software is GUARANTEED to work on all Windows-based servers (local or remote) including web hosting services provided by GoDaddy, HostGator, 1and1, and other popular web hosting providers. When in doubt, confirm that your existing hosting package can be "ASP-Enabled" by contacting your web hosting provider.

Hosting your own site is easier than you might think. Check out some of the popular windows hosting companies that have easy instructions and comprehensive tech support so even people with the most basic of web skills can host their own websites.

You can also run DMXReady web app templates on your local windows server. Learn more.

If you are uncertain about your web hosts compatibility, download our FREE web server testing script to find out if your website is compatible.

Yes! Each DMXReady cms website product has a live, online public demo (Admin and front-end pages) that allows you to try it before you buy. DMXReady also offers certain FREE templates like Links Manager you can download and test on your web host/server at any time.

We also offer a 15 Day money-back return policy so you try ANY DMXReady template for 15 days -- risk free. If you realize the product is not suitable for your project, simply let us know and we will refund your payment. No questions asked. Learn more.

No! All applications are ready-to-use right "out of the box" as a stand-alone program. You can also integrate it into any web page on your new or existing website by adding just one line of code. Learn how to add a DMXReady template to your website.

Yes! All DMXReady templates are open source so you can change the design, the code, even the database to suit your needs. And because they utilize a simple file-based architecture and database, you can modify the code (ASP, HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS etc.) and the database (MS Access, MySQL) yourself anytime you need to using Dreamweaver or your favorite HTML editor. Learn how to customize your DMXReady template

Yes! DMXReady CMS Suite v3 is a complete turnkey website and ecommerce kit with a fully responsive design. It's a perfect starting point if you are planning on launching a new CMS website that is mobile/tablet device ready. We also have many business-specific CMS web app templates. Click Here for more information.

Sign up for a 15 day Free Trial so you can test drive CMS Suite with your own content! You'll have 15 days to experience just how easy building, customizing and managing your website can be.

Important note: Trial websites are setup and hosted on our remote windows server. If you are interested in evaluating the software on your windows server/host, we recommend taking advantage of our 15-day money-back guarantee. If after 15 days you realize the software will not meet your needs, simply delete the code from your server/computer and we will refund your payment. No questions asked! Learn more.

Yes! DMXReady offers many resources including our DMXReady ASP Garage blog, our Online Knowledgebase, and other resources in our Customization guide to help you do it yourself.

For users that need a little help getting started we offer the following installation & setup packages. DMXReady also offers full Enterprise solutions for companies who want a web management partner. These are generally full build and/or long-term web management contracts, especially (but not exclusively) for Windows/ASP-enabled websites. Contact us for more information about DMXReady Enterprise solutions.

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